"You're mine," he growled into my ear. "Not Niall's, not Zayn's, not Louis', and especially not Harry's. You're mine, and I will do what it takes to make you mine."

"Are you sure you're not out of time?" I looked at him over the rim of my glass filled with beer.

"I might be out of time, but I can fuck you better than any of them."

"Alright," I placed my glass down. "Then prove it."


10. powder

Liam's POV

"It's so hot," said Bo as she sat on one of the beach chairs. The music was coming off stage like smoke, loud and heavy. We were watching the current electronic performer but she pushed me back into the empty tent. 

She now knew the entire tent like the back of her hand. How the tent slipped into the other lad's rooms and then disappeared into our bus. She now spent every day and every night here or wherever I was. I wasn't sure if she was feeling abandoned by her friends or it was just the pure effect of powder entering her bloodstream. 

"I'll make you a drink," I said to her and then she let her head fall back as she closed her eyes, vanishing into the cloud of music and heat. I turned towards the back of the tent which would take me to the bus. I opened the door to the air conditioned bus and saw Niall and Louis playing video games. "I thought you would be out at the stage."

"It's too hot outside," said Niall. 

"Where's Harry and Zayn?" I asked them.

"Found a group of drunk girls and took them back to their tents," said Louis as he smirked at me.

"Paul's not going to like that," I said but truthfully I couldn't give two fucks. 

"Oh Paul and Eric were the drunk girls," Louis jokingly added. "I'm kidding, but Paul and Eric are pretty drunk. Niall and I left them at the lake, and by the way Niall we should go get them. We don't need sunburnt bodyguards."

"True," said Niall. "I won anyway."

"What?! No I was Real Madrid, there's no fucking way!"

"I guess Manchester just beat you," he dropped the controller onto the small table and stood. 

"The fucking Irish guy beat me," said Louis. 

"He always wins," I said as I turned to the counter and reached for two glasses. I opened the small refrigerator and took out a bottle of iced tea filled with honey. 

"He got the tea out," said Niall, obviously to Louis. 

"Liam?" Louis asked me as I filled the glass and was now reaching into my back pocket. "Are you drugging Eric's sister?" 

I looked at them, licked my lips, about to speak but didn't. Instead I opened the small plastic bag from my pocket and retrieved a blue capsule. I pulled it apart, allowing the white powder to seep into the honey-infused tea. 

"Where did you get powder?" Louis continued to ask questions. "Liam, Liam you're going to fucking kill her."

I looked back at him quickly. "No."

"You need to stop this. I see how she follows you around, how she becomes confused when she's not around you. You already have her addicted and she doesn't even know what to."

"If I don't continue she'll go away."

"How do you even know that?" Niall asked. "Have you ever talked to her when she's off the drugs?"

I licked my lips again, the pink skin becoming chapped. 

"Give her this," said Louis as he stepped closer and handed me the non-drugged glass of tea. I took the tea and he poured the other drink down the drain. "She doesn't need drugs. She found her way to you before you placed that powder on her tongue. She'll be there when she comes off the drug." 

"What if she's not?"

"How do you even know if you don't go back," he continued. 

I looked towards the door, the glass in my hand producing water on my hands. I exhaled before I was pushed through the door and entered back into the tent. The bus door was closed behind me and I guess it wasn't important to go save Eric and Paul from the sun. 

I went back to the living area and Bo was still laying back on the chair still. Sweat was forming on her perfect skin and I couldn't stop looking at her as she hummed to the electric beat. 

"Bo," I muttered and she opened her eyes.

"Oh thank god," she mused as she sat up and reached for the glass. I crouched down and let her drink from the glass. 

She downed the tea in seconds and her lips formed a small smile as she looked at me. She placed her hand on the side of my face and her other hand rolled up in my shirt. Her eyes spoke desire and I wanted to devour her heat. 

She brought me closer and soon she closed the distance between us. She let herself fall back onto the chair and as our kisses became stronger and more impatient she stopped.

She looked up at me as she whispered, "I know you've been drugging me."

My eyes widened, "I--."

"Shh," she hummed, her upper lip running along mine. "I've taken ecstasy before." 

"What?" I muttered. 

"I'm a fucking festival skipper. I've taken more than you probably have in your back pocket," and at that moment I felt her hand reach into my back pocket and pull the plastic bag out. She opened the bag and took out the last two capsules and pushed them down her shirt. "I don't need drugs to stay attached. But if you want them, you'll have to find them." 

My tongue ran along my bottom lip, before I bent down and started to make my path down her neck. My lips the only thing touching her and then just barely. She arched her neck, my fingers touching any place I could connect skin with skin. 

Her small strapped shirt was soon pulled off her shoulders as her bra became exposed. I found the capsules. In between the separation of her breasts, sitting perfectly as though begging. 

I took both capsules in my lips and she watched me. I wanted to swallow, died to, but instead I turned my head and spat out the pills, letting them fall to the ground. 

"Fuck it," I muttered. "It's not worth it. I rather get high off you." 

She smiled as she pulled me closer again. Without drugs, without being worried, just us. Just music. Just my lips touching her skin, pure bliss, pure taste. 

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