"You're mine," he growled into my ear. "Not Niall's, not Zayn's, not Louis', and especially not Harry's. You're mine, and I will do what it takes to make you mine."

"Are you sure you're not out of time?" I looked at him over the rim of my glass filled with beer.

"I might be out of time, but I can fuck you better than any of them."

"Alright," I placed my glass down. "Then prove it."


30. oh

"Bo, this isn't funny. Tell me what's going on with Harry and stop saying you don't know who I'm talking about." 

Liam and I entered the tent. Our own secluded tent that was separated by the others. I let my towel fall to the floor and twisted my hair, releasing the rest of water still dripping from the ends.

I exhaled, "He wanted to be forgotten. It was the only way he could take any type of forgiveness. He doesn't want to be a figure of a dark past, and I agree. We all should move on from last year. It's over, done."

"I just don't understand."

"Stop thinking," I said to him. The music was still loud outside. It was only midnight, the music was sure to continue past two in the morning. 

"How could I stop thinking about this?" 

I rolled my eyes. I knew the only way to get his mind off it and therefore I slowly pulled my wet shirt over my head and dropped it to the floor. Liam still wasn't looking at me but watching the floor with his hand holding his chin.

I continued. Unbuttoning my soaked shorts and letting them fall to the floor. I stepped out of the denim and kicked it to the side. 

"Why would Harry do this? He has gone completely mad."

I unclasped my black bra and also let it fall to the floor. My hair grew and now the long ends covered my breasts. Last piece of fabric, and then my panties were stripped from my skin.

I stood there, with my arms crossed. 

"How could I stop thin--," he started but when he looked up at me he stopped mid sentence. His arms dropped and he drank me in with his eyes. 

I wasn't sure how I looked to him. It worried me to think such thoughts towards Liam but it was true. I always will feel insecure against his perfectly toned body. His worked abs, biceps, triceps, and every other 'cep' on him. 

My body holds scars, wounds, and memories. His is just a landscape, waiting for my fingernails to draw into him. 

I was so into my thoughts I didn't realize how close he had gotten to me. How long was he standing so close, how many steps did he take.

"What are you thinking?" He asked, his voice lowering syllable by syllable. I felt his hand push back one side of my hair, I wasn't even sure what side because I knew I was exposed to him. My breast visible and even though I was already standing before him naked it was like he was undressing me again. 

"How many steps it took you get to where you were standing to here." I answered back truthfully. 

"That's what you are thinking?" His fingers soon ran underneath my visible breast and goosebumps crept onto my skin. My eyes closed gently and then reopened. 

"I'm thinking of a lot of things," I said instead. 

The tables have turned. I got his mind off Harry, now every thought that I could ever think of was washing into my mind like a flood. It was his fault. 

His hands lowered onto my waist and he pushed me back gently. I soon felt a hard flat surface behind me and my hands immediately went out to the touch it. It was the end of the bed, and he kept pushing. 

I pulled myself back onto the bed, keeping my legs to my chest. I was being so shy, so…insecure. Last time this happened, when I saw the hunger in his eyes for my body, that was supposed to be the last time. 

I was brave that time, but again. I've completely lost it. My mouth was dry, my hands were shaking and it was like my first time all over again. I could feel my heart pounding against my chest as I reached the pillows at the head of the bed. 

Liam pulled his shirt over his head and dropped it. Releasing the buttons of his jeans he stepped forward and onto the bed. He placed his hands on my ankles, but I stopped him, losing any ounce of bravery I had left in me. 

"Will it hurt again?" I asked him.

He slowly looked up at me. "It might. It depends on your body. Bo, I would never hurt you."

He says that all the time. He would never hurt me, but yet everything he does hurts me. His touch, his words, his actions. Everything is devastating to him. 

Next question, "How could you ever make love to someone like me?"

His eyes widened slowly, "What are you talking about?"

"You--you're so beautiful and I'm--I'm broken." I got up on my knees and pushed him back me placing my hands on his shoulders. "How could you ever love someone who has that on their body?"

I pointed to the scar from a year ago. It was disgusting, sharing so many memories and mocking me whenever I looked at it. I hated it. 

"You're gorgeous," he said slowly as his fingers danced along the scar on the side of my stomach. "You're breathtaking and you're all mine." 

"You don't care?"

"Do I look like I care?" He raised an eyebrow. 

"Then what do you care about?" As I said it he took my hands and connected them around his neck. 

"I care about making the absolute amazing love to you every single night of my life."

I giggled slightly, "You won't get tired?"

"Babe, I don't give up that easily."

He was completely right, and out of anything I learned from our relationship was that Liam was someone who would never give up. Especially something he wants. 

Right now, he wants me. 

I can see it as his eyes turn dark with lust. 

"I know," I muttered and without warning Liam dropped me on the bed and he was overtop of me. 

I was laughing as he dropped me, but soon everything went quiet again as I felt his hard cock pressing me at my entrance. How did he undress so fast? How does he do anything that amazes me? 

He was laying almost on top of me. His weight partly on my body, skin sticking to skin. His right arm was underneath my neck supporting my head. 

"If it hurts, tell me," he muttered. 

I just nodded. He licked his fingers and rubbed them over his tip, then they went to my clit. He slowly created circles over me and I started to moan. I felt his soft, wet tip push and push and soon he was making his way inside of me. 

I gasped and he stopped moving, watching my face, my reactions. 

He intruded in further. 

He reached my end. He was entirely inside of me, and he exhaled. 

"How does it feel?" 

I open my close, I didn't realize I closed them. "Amazing," I said. 

"Good," and soon he was pumping slowly in and out of me.

He felt so good. "Liam," I moaned and soon I was saying his name again and again. 

He quickly surprised me as he turned me on my side and he held me from behind. His arms came around me as he placed my leg over his thigh. He was muttering into my ear, it was all just words. He spoke about love, beauty, and everything else that would make me regain my goosebumps. 

He was soon entering me again, but in a completely different and unknown territory. His one arms circled my waist as his other reached down and rubbed my clit. I was begging, growing powerless as I moved my head back. His lips kissed the side of my neck as my moans grew louder and louder. 

I was actually thankful for how loud the music was. No one could possibly hear us, right? 

The music would drop and screams would erupt, yes there was no one who could possibly hear us. 

My hand tightened around Liam's which was over my clit, rubbing. By him pressing into me a different way it was setting my orgasm faster. I was close to screaming unable to control my climax which was quickly approaching. 

My nails were digging into his hand, but he didn't care. Instead he slammed faster and harder into me. Making me erupt into curses and screams. 

"Don't fucking stop," I screamed as he tightened his hold on me, keeping me tight to his body. 

He groaned into my ear, making me come faster. 

"Fuck Liam," I swore. 

"Give in," he muttered. He always did that, giving me permission to indulge in my own pleasure, but as soon as he says the words I'm completely lost.

Lost in my own pleasure, my own world. 

I moan as I relax around him. He keeps kissing my skin and he slowly continues to move inside of me, riding through my climax. 

I smiled as I picked myself off of him and rolled him onto his back. I straddled him, our sweaty skin sticking together. He smoothed my hair back as his chest moved up and down quickly. I could hear his heart pounding inside of him, my ear next to him. 

"That was amazing," he muttered. 

I lifted my head and kept my chin on his skin, looking up at him. "Liam," I breathed. I was in no control of my words, which scared me but I let myself speak. "I love you. I love you so fucking much." 

"Bo," he whispered, again and again. 

"What?" I questioned, raising an eyebrow. I closed my eyes, listening to his voice, but when I reopened my eyes I was no longer on top of Liam. 

Instead I was looking at him. My head was turned as I felt the bed sheet run along my waist. 

"Nice dream?" Liam smiled at me. 

"What? I wasn't dreaming."

He scoffed before he walked his fingers along the bed and onto my skin. His fingertips ran along my hardened nipples, "Your body says otherwise."

I pulled the sheet up, "It's cold."

"It's ninety-eight degrees."


He laughed, "Americans."

I looked back at him, "British." 

He quickly jumped on my bed causing me to scream. He pinned me down to the bed. 

"You moan really loud when you're dreaming," he muttered. 

"What?" I giggled. 

"What were you dreaming about?" 

I looked into his brown eyes. "You fucking me."

"Oh," he whispered. "You want me to make that dream come true?" 

I giggled as he crashed his lips to mine. 


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