"You're mine," he growled into my ear. "Not Niall's, not Zayn's, not Louis', and especially not Harry's. You're mine, and I will do what it takes to make you mine."

"Are you sure you're not out of time?" I looked at him over the rim of my glass filled with beer.

"I might be out of time, but I can fuck you better than any of them."

"Alright," I placed my glass down. "Then prove it."


6. my time has been taken


My name was whispered through the closed tent fabric doors. 

"Hm?" I muttered into my pillow as I lay on my stomach on the cot. This was the downfall of festivals, uncomfortable sleeping. 


The accent was strong, and when I opened my eyes I saw the thin line of the tent zipper moving downwards. I quickly got up, stepping over Michael once more before going to the tent doors.

"What are you doing?" I whispered as I stepped outside. "Liam--." I never got to finish what I was going to say because his lips soon touched mine. 

His hand escaped up my arm and on my neck, supporting me. His kiss left me breathless, and I was gasping for air. 

"Good morning," he breathed.

"You really need to stop doing that," I said back, my mind still dizzy from his kiss. My now bare lips feeling prickly as if bumblebees were fluttering their wings over them. 

"Sorry, couldn't help it. Actually I'm not sorry," he bravely finished. 

I crossed my arms, "What do you want?"

"You're mine. So you do anything and everything I want," he stepped closer, his fingers skimming along the hem of my pajama shorts. "Or did you forget last night already?" 

I stepped back, "N-No," I stuttered. "So what are you planning?"

A wide smile appeared on his lips, "I want you to meet some people."


"What is this place?" I asked Liam as he continued to hold my hand, pushing me through the fogged inside of a tent. 

"Welcome to hell," he breathed into my ear, from behind. "A place where no one wants to end up, but can never leave."

I shivered at his words. He can't be serious. "Liam, I-I don't know."

"I won't let anything happen to you," he whispered. "I promise." 

I swallowed. I started to doubt his promises, but he hasn't made me rethink my decisions with him yet. 

We finally must've reached the back of the tent, indie music and shallow talking was hardly audible. 

"Liam," his name was said in the most mellow tone that's ever reached my ears. 

"Hi Oscar," said Liam as he let go of me.

"I see you've brought guests," his voice was clearly different. Jamaican? 

"This is Boston, she's a friend of mine."

"Well any friend of Liam's is a friend of ours. Welcome Boston," Oscar sat down with his legs crossed before motioning us to also sit on the hard floor. 

The floor was an entirely different experience. We were below the fog, like underneath the clouds on a plane. We could finally see, and right now the floor was scattered with people. All looking up at the ceiling, smiling, trying to reach for some imaginable object.

That's when it hit me. This was no ordinary tent. This was a drug tent, a true, to the point, 1960s drug tent. I've dreamed just to see one, but I've never wanted to take part in one. And seeing the reactions of the different scattered bodies, I had no doubt they were all on something strong. 

"What can I do for you Liam?" Oscar asked. "I spent the last couple of months back home and brought with me some good stuff. What will it be this time?"

"What do you have stocked?" Liam asked, like a normal grocery-getter. 

"Liam?" I muttered.

"Hush," he said back to me. 

Oscar ignored our little implications. "I have heroin, marijuana, LSD, ecstasy, morphine, oxycontin and oxycodone, vicodin and some others, but nothing that interests you. Would you like the usual?"

A smile appeared on Liam's face. "That would be wonderful. Oh," he started and leaned forward. He spoke into Oscar's ear quietly, but Oscar's reaction was simple with a nod, then he disappeared.

"So what's your usual?" I asked when Oscar left. 

"Why? Are you concerned?"

"Not in the highest. You are the one who's killing yourself."

He looked directly at me, darkness flaring in his eyes. "At least I'll die happy. Besides if it hasn't killed me yet--."

"Yet? Liam in the U.S. all of those drugs are illegal unless you have a damn good reason to use them."

"I really don't like when you interrupt me and I do have a damn good reason and why do I care if their illegal in your home country. Nobody knows they even exist on this camp sight, and nobody will either."

"Why do you do this?"

He closed his eyes for a brief second, his features calming before he continued. "You don't know me, Bo."

"Then why did you bring me?"

"Cos I thought you would like to know who I am," he said blankly, and I wanted to say something back, but I never got to with the reappearance of Oscar.

"Everything's all accounted for," he said as he handed Liam a small plastic bag. Liam immediately stuffed the bag inside his jeans. "You're special order is in the back room."

He nodded, "Thank you. Boston stay here. Take a hit or something." 

I watched him get up, he did look back and I shook my head, not wanting to be alone. Instead he turned away and walked into the back room. 

"So Boston," I turned back to Oscar who spoke my name clearly. "Have you ever tried?" He pointed to the bong filled with fogging marijuana, figuring that that was probably also the substance floating in the air above me.

"Of course," I lied and he placed the small bong in my hands. 

"Good, then you know that this will calm your nerves. Go ahead, gift from me for first time buyers." 

I wasn't planning on being a buyer, but I didn't want him to see the weakness in my eyes, in which I knew he would tell Liam about. Then my weakness would be used against me. Instead I place the bong to my mouth and inhaled. The smoky drug filling my lungs and I immediately started to cough. 

The taste was sweet, even when it rolled down my throat, but once it hit my lungs it burned. 

I felt ashamed as I gave the bong back to Oscar. "You know," he started as I recovered from my coughing. "Liam doesn't like liars."

"Well he's not much of a honest butterfly either," I shot back. 

"I'm just giving you a warning," he leaned in, I could smell the drugs flying off his tongue. "The boy in there, he can turn you upside down and inside out."


"Just go," he said nodding his head in the direction Liam went. "He's not all gumdrops and flowers." 

I never thought a man like Oscar would ever say 'gumdrops' or 'flowers', but I stood and walked over to the curtain portraying a door. I took a breath and looked back at Oscar, who was now laying on the floor popping a white pill in his mouth before he started to hum. 

I pulled the curtain slightly to the side and peeked through. My eyes running along the floor until finally finding shoes, then up to a pair of jeans. A lower arm sitting on his knee, blood dripping to the floor.

My eyes widened. What--?

"You can come in Boston," said Liam and when I looked up towards his face I saw him staring back at me. 

I rushed inside, falling to my knees. "What have you done?" I reached for some type of cloth, finding none. Then my shirt--I begun to rip parts of my tank top, placing the light blue fabric over his slices. 

"Released a lot of stress," he breathed as he closed his eyes. 

"You do this regularly? Why?"

"Well I think I've destroyed my other wrist," he showed me his right wrist, covered in scars. 

"I don't understand," and with my words his eyes opened. 

"Understand?" He questioned.

"Yes, why do you do this to yourself? You always seem so happy--."

"Ha," he snorted. "That's all just a cover-up, you know for the band and everything. I'm like a scribble, a black scribble, with no way of being untangled or fixed. I will never be able to picture myself as perfect, with this black knot, and therefore this is my way of release. This is how I find freedom." 

His confession made me want to cry. "Let's go to the lake," I suggested. "You can tell me everything there." 

"I don't want to say anything."

I got up on my knees and placed my hand on his cheek. "I want to know. Tell me your true reasons, Liam, tell me your secrets."

His eyes burned into mine, "Only if you tell me yours."

And soon I was the one making the promises. 

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