"You're mine," he growled into my ear. "Not Niall's, not Zayn's, not Louis', and especially not Harry's. You're mine, and I will do what it takes to make you mine."

"Are you sure you're not out of time?" I looked at him over the rim of my glass filled with beer.

"I might be out of time, but I can fuck you better than any of them."

"Alright," I placed my glass down. "Then prove it."


11. mark me yours

So sorry! I thought I published the chapter last night, but I accidentally saved it to a draft! Sorry to make you wait! Enjoy!

The sun was going down and the music was still loud. Liam and I found our way outside and his hands lay over my waist as I grind against him to the music. His lips were in my hair and I let my head fall back on his shoulder. 

We didn't need drugs for this feeling, we just needed to feel each other. 

"Liam," I said over the music. 

"Hmm?" He hummed in my ear. 

I had an idea, I wanted to do something…something he wanted all along. 

"Bo?" He said spinning me around, making me face him. 

"I just…I….," I tried to speak, but I felt like he was winning. I was about to give in and I didn't want to seem weak, but I wanted this so damn badly. 

"What Boston?" He said my full name, he was concerned it was the only time he said my full name. He pulled me close, so close I could feel his long length against my leg. This was torture. 

My fists tightened around his shirt. 

"I'm ready," I muttered. 

"What?" He asked, begging me to repeat my words.

"I'm ready to be yours," I said up to him. 

His eyebrows raised, "You want that?" 

"Yes. I'm yours, mark me." 

"With pleasure." His smirk was almost devilish, but I let him take me by my hand and I followed him down the path into the market. 

The market was filled with drunks and people getting high or kissing passionately into their tents. This is what music festivals do to people, make them make irrational decisions. Decisions that don't care about the punishments, the side effects and the main reason why Liam was taking me to the tattoo tent. 

"Hi Steve," said Liam.

"Hey Liam, Harry's in the back room."

Liam nodded and we headed behind the tent. Different rooms were set up with windows and I looked through one of the glass panes to see Harry. He was getting a tattoo on his ribcage, and he noticed us. His eyes widened and soon he was getting up from the chair. 

"Liam, Boston?" He called after us.

I looked behind me at him, but Liam muttered, "Don't stop." 

I turned back around and left Liam lead me to the last room. He opened the door and let me walk in first.

"Liam what are you doing?" Harry almost yelled, but all I saw was Liam's signature smirk before he closed the door, locking it. Harry started to bang on the window and I became worried, but Liam closed the black curtains and soon we were completely alone. 

"Why is he like that?" I asked Liam. 

"He thinks I'm pushing you to do this," he hummed. 

"Well you're not. I want you to place your name all over me," I whispered up to him and he placed his hands over my shoulders. 

He turned me roughly and pushed me forward. My hands went out and caught me on the black tattoo table. Liam's lips touched me everywhere with his hands move up and down the inside of my thighs. 

It was like he was trying to get me turned on, and it was working. I felt both of his hands on my breasts as he kissed my neck from behind. His hands then leaving and running down my stomach, and stopping on my jean shorts button.

I felt the button come loose. His fingers slid in between my skin and panties and we moaned at the same time. My nails were digging into the black leather as he created circles over my clit. 

"Are you sure?" He asked me, breathing hard.

"Yes," I gasped as I arched my back, trying to press harder into his fingers. 

"Good," he said before he quickly and roughly left my warm center and I turned my head to see him walking over to the table filled with paint and needle. He walked back bringing the table with him and sat down on the small stool that I didn't notice in the room before. 

He sat down and I watched as he placed his fingers through the belt loops of my shorts. And in one quick motion my shorts touched the floor. I exhaled and he ran his fingers over the newly exposed skin. 

Then he went to my black panties and pulled them down just right over the roundness of my arse. His hands went around my waist as he pulled me closer, completely bare in front of him, but completely comfortable. 

He brought me just a little closer as his lips touched my soft skin. When his lips left I begun to hear the buzzing of the tattoo machine. 

"You're mine," he whispered before he placed the needle over me. I hissed in pain as he inked the olive skin black. 

It only lasted seconds before the buzzing stopped and he stood up. He went around the table and looked into my eyes. He placed his hand on my neck as he brought my lips to meet his. 

"You look as good as you taste," he mused as he licked his fingers. The same fingers that were rubbing against me. I looked at his other hand, covered in black ink.

"I want to see," I said to him.

He raised and eyebrow before he brought me a mirror from the table of equipment. 

"I feel it's quick satisfactory," he said as he continued to lick his fingers like there was chocolate smothered on them. 

I looked from him to the mirror and saw black ink in small script. And in his handwriting, the name 'Liam' in all lower cases stared back at me. 

"You aren't going anywhere," he muttered as he took the mirror from me. "Well except to my bed." 

"I'm yours," I confirmed. "I have forever to do anything with you." 

"Good," he said as he harshly pulled me close again. "Cos I'm not good with sharing."

"Neither am I," I smiled up at him before he placed his hand on the back of my head and pressed me to his lips. 


"There," he whispered as he placed ointment on the freshly made tattoo. He then pulled up my panties slowly, careful of the ink and then my shorts. 

The door was unlocked and when it was open Harry was sitting on the floor against the opposite wall. 

"Mate," said Liam as he crouched down in front of him, waking him up. "Harry."

"Wh--what? Oh. What happened. Boston are you alright?"

"Harry, I'm fine," I smiled as Liam placed his arm around my waist. "Just wanted some quiet time."

"He marked you didn't he?" He slowly looked up at me, but I just smiled.

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"Whatever," he said as he got up from the floor. He stepped close to me and whispered into my ear, making Liam tense his fingers into my side. "He'll make you live a living hell, and you'll regret this. You will regret his name on your ass."

"Goodbye Harry," said Liam. 

"Goodbye Liam," exhaled Harry before he looked once more at me and then went down the hallway and back into one of the tattooing rooms. 

"Don't listen to him," he said as he looked down at me. 

I nodded, "I wasn't planning to listen." 

But I was already listening. 

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