"You're mine," he growled into my ear. "Not Niall's, not Zayn's, not Louis', and especially not Harry's. You're mine, and I will do what it takes to make you mine."

"Are you sure you're not out of time?" I looked at him over the rim of my glass filled with beer.

"I might be out of time, but I can fuck you better than any of them."

"Alright," I placed my glass down. "Then prove it."


22. liam

I resurfaced from my bedroom, where I've spent the last half hour releasing my stress onto a blade. My arms were pretty shot up now, and now my lower torso was starting to be attacked. 

Of course the other guys just ignored it. Which I liked, because the more they questioned the more I wanted to do it. Anything set me over the edge anymore, I was shook up all the fucking time. 

Management made Louis be my roommate until I become more stable, but it wasn't happening quite as fast I would like it too. 

Harry was hardly seen by anyone anymore. It was like he disappeared, but occasionally his picture would show up in the papers or on TV. It's not like we didn't want to see him but for the simple fact that we never got too. 

Louis seemed the worst out of everything to do with Harry. I guess management thought that putting too psychotics together would be best. Way to go management! Another point to you! 

Louis was watching TV, when the local London news came on. Normally I wouldn't be in London on our time off, but I had no choice. Besides with not knowing what was actually going on with Bo I didn't want to leave. This past year has been a living hell without knowing and with going back on tour in a few months the stress just kept building. 

Last year, after the festival, I quickly and nicely with the least amount of confrontation, I removed myself from the band. News of what happened at the festival spread quickly and even though Bo's name was concealed it still haunted me. A small part of me still believes this was all my fault; even though I know Jessica was the main person and hell even Harry was guilty. 

Now who pulled the trigger? Jessica did, she plead guilty and confessed which would determine her ten plus years in an American prison. Now Harry, his hands were on the gun, but he was trying to stop her, push her away and according to the police and detectives, if he didn't push the gun the bullet would've landed through something more fatal. 

I also regret leaving her in that hospital. I felt like that was the absolute worse thing I could've done, but whatever Simon says, you do. Even if that meant leaving the person you loved. 

"Anything interesting?" I asked Louis.

"Nothing much. Paps found Niall in New York a couple days ago and Zayn's in Florida."

"Figures," I said while heading the kitchen.

"Liam I know that you hate they left, but they're doing the right thing. They're moving on…maybe America wasn't the best choice to relocate for the summer."

He was right. No one knows how badly I wish I could be in America. "Louis I understand," I smiled faintly at him as he nodded and turned back to the television. I pulled a glass from the cabinet and filled it with tap water. 

I drank the glass empty quickly and just when I placed the glass down on the counter a knock came from the door. I exhaled. Management tells us strictly not to answer the door. We are technically invisible to the world. The paps haven't found us and we planned for them not too anyway. 

I looked through the peephole, just to make sure. 

"Who is it?" Louis asked from the living room.

"That's strange," I started. "It's Eric."

"What?!" Louis quickly got up from the couch and headed towards the door. "Eric?" He said more hushed, but Eric definitely could hear as he started to smirk. "What's the password?" 

"Louis is so cool," said Eric towards the door.

"Same old Eric," confirmed Louis. "Open the door." 

I rolled my eyes and opened the door. "Hi Eric," I said to him. 

"Hey guys," he brought his luggage into the flat. "I've been assigned to you two. Paul is currently watching over Harry and some others are watching over Niall an--."

"How's Bo?" I asked automatically. 

Eric swallowed before rubbing his forehead. "She's okay."

"Okay? What do you mean by okay?" I pushed.

"Liam, she's changed. She's trying to forget everything and everyone."

"Has she asked for me?" I hung on one last hope.

Eric took a long time to answer but finally said, "No." 

I nodded slowly. "That's fine. I--."

"Liam," Louis started from the living room.

I ignored him. "I just thought that after--."

"Liam!" Louis shouted from the living room. My fists clenched.

"What Louis?!" I yelled back. 

"Seems you two are making progress," Eric muttered but I ignored. I was good at ignoring nowadays. 

"You want to see this," said Louis as he stared at the screen.

"What Louis?" I started to walk into the living room, behind the couch. "What's so important you had to--. What the fuck?" 

"Breaking news," said the male news anchor. "The Prime Minister John Cameron arrived from his short visit to America. His meeting with President Obama was said to be successful and that he would be allowed to come home early. The Prime Minister landed in Heathrow only a couple minutes ago and seems he brought someone with him. Ms. Boston Cameron came with her father back home. 

Last we saw Ms. Cameron she was almost seven years old, since then two of the Cameron children had stepped away from the family traditions. Boston has since lived with her mother in America and her brother Eric Cameron is the current bodyguard for the famous boy band One Direction. Eric was also spotted coming in from Heathrow only hours before his father and sister. More news to soon arrive."

My eyes were still wide even after the story was over and Louis stared open-mouthed. 

"So that's how Simon got the shared partnership with the Prime Minister," started Louis. "He's your father!" 

"Actually," Eric corrected. "My father is the one who got me the job to be your bodyguard and secondly I had no idea about the partnerships."

"Your sister," I choked, finally filling my lungs with air. "Your sister, you, you both are the kids of the Prime Minister? I'm going to be murdered," I begun irrationally. 

"Liam you aren't going to be murdered," said Eric. "First you had no idea. Boston and I like to keep that side of us hidden--."

"Really? I had no fucking idea!" I threw my hands in the air. 

"We just don't like the special attention. The only reason she's here is because my parents set something up. Boston has locked herself in her bedroom in Long Beach for a full year. My mom obviously sought to see her get better and since my dad was in America she saw that fit."

Out of Eric's entire conversation only two words stuck out to me, 'she's here'. "She's here. Bo is here."

"Yes," Eric said slowly.

"I have to go," I quickly went to the door.

"I wouldn't do that," said Louis. 

I stopped and turned. "Why?"

"She's still confused and hell she's jet lagged. Nine of out ten she doesn't even want to be here. Wait till she sees you or maybe she'll ask about you."

"She hasn't asked for me in a year, what makes you think she will now?" 

Louis exhaled. "She's finally in the same country as you. Fuck she's back in her birth country. Give her a few days. Now that people know she's here and now since her dad's the Prime Minister she's gonna need as much space as possible. Just give it some extra time." 

I leaned against the wall. I hated to admit it, but he was right. "Okay," I muttered. "I'll wait." Just for a little longer.

"Good, waiting is good," he smiled. "Now we have Skyfall or The Hobbit to watch. Which one?"

"Skyfall," I answered. I figured James Bond would keep my mind off of Bo, because I'm pretty sure Bilbo would just make me fall asleep and therefore I would drown in my dreams of Bo.

Yes, Skyfall sounded much better right now. 

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ALSO! I know it's early, but it's confirmed! There will be a sequel to 'tomorrowland'! It's titled 'yesterday'! And here's a sneak peak of the cover! just a little thank you since I've also reached 700 fans! Love you all! xx

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