Dear Children

A boy names Niall is not the most poor kid in the world he is just rich, but then their is Samantha who is the complete oppisite of Niall well lets just say there life is about to change as the start to relize the darkness, wonderful, extroadanary, world as they are both forced to fight aginst vanpiers!

This book is the first out of the serise im currently makeing the second one called every rose has it thorns



                                       We cant stay here they know were we are I said. I know. We were walking down the road with our suit cases Niall and I both could tell they already attacted. I stoped at a old hotel. This will do for now. We stayed in the hotel for a week. I pulled out a device their was alot of red dots on the device witch were the vanpiers . Niall!!!!! Yes?? The red dots they are getting closer. Start packing I commanded. VROOM!!!!!! Went me hair dryer. KYAH!!!!! I yelled as I sliced the head off a figure. Not just any figure a vanpire. NIALL!!!!!!!!! Niall came running. He looked down he saw the dead vanpire. We gotta GO! GO! GO! GO!!!!!!!!! We left the hotel. Were is it safe to stay? Niall asked. I looked at the device, I looked up and grinned then started jumping around. WHAT? WHERE? He said smileing. Home we are going home. Home we cant go back there not that home. Irland home. We are goin home baby! YEAH!

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