Dear Children

A boy names Niall is not the most poor kid in the world he is just rich, but then their is Samantha who is the complete oppisite of Niall well lets just say there life is about to change as the start to relize the darkness, wonderful, extroadanary, world as they are both forced to fight aginst vanpiers!

This book is the first out of the serise im currently makeing the second one called every rose has it thorns



                                        DING DONG!!!!!!!!! Their goes my door bell. I let Niall in and we did what we had to do the weird part is he was not even annoying! Wich is kind of a relif. Same time tommarow? He asked. Yeah same time tommarow. Congrats Samantha you did not fall asleep. Said Mrs. Barkley. As I walked up to my drive way I notice mom and dads car was still there. MOM?! DAD?! Huh I guess they had grandma pick them up and take them some were. DINGG!! DONGG!! NOCK!!!!!!!!!!! NOCK!!!!!!!!!!! Thats weird Niall is a little bit early. I opend up the door Niall was crying. OMG!!!!! Whats wrong?? My-M-myy -MM he was trying to talk but he was so upset he coulden't. Calm down. Take deep breathes. Ok now speak. My mom and dad are dead 911 would not pick up. Oh NOOOO im sorry!!!!!!!!!!!! Wait was your parents car there? Yes he said. I ran into the other room and there they were! Dead!!!!!!!!! I screamed and began to sob. I went to the phone. It won't work I tried it. Its been a day or two since. Niall and I are skiping school we buried our parents. Niall their were two bite marks on our parents necks both of our parents. Samantha do you belive in vanpires. Yes do you? Yes he said. (NOW KIDS. YOUR FATHER AND I WERE TRIANED AS KIDS AND AT THAT MOMENT WE KNEW.... IT WAS TIME.) Niall and I have been training and studing vanpire death. We have been studying the death.

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