Dear Children

A boy names Niall is not the most poor kid in the world he is just rich, but then their is Samantha who is the complete oppisite of Niall well lets just say there life is about to change as the start to relize the darkness, wonderful, extroadanary, world as they are both forced to fight aginst vanpiers!

This book is the first out of the serise im currently makeing the second one called every rose has it thorns


2. Samantha

                                                    It all started back in high school. Samantha!!!!!!!! SAM!!!!!!! EEEKKK I shreeked as I fell off my chair. The class started laughing. Silence!!!!!! Class is dismissed. Said Mrs. Barkley. UM Samantha! Said Mrs. Barkley Yes? Come here please I need to talk to you! Okey. I need to talk to you about your behavior in class. You keep falling asleep during class and it is veary rude. I'm sorry I will go to bed earlier. I said. That wont work your flunking you grades and being rude. I gave you more than enough chances to proove you can strighting up. What are you going to do than? I asked. Well since your haveing trouble sleeping and studying I found the perfect study partner for you who also is flunking. Mrs. Barkley was grining which worries me. During your free times you will study your tests with Niall. NIALL I squealed. Please anyone but Niall. I'm sorry its eather failing a grade or studying with Niall. Fine he will meet you at your house here is your books and papers. Let me tell you something about that Niall boy he is spoiled,rich,the bad boy at school and he likes just about every girl he see's. So I was angry and stressed when just thinking about studying with him.

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