To my parents to show them how grateful I am for everything.


1. 19


I tried so hard

not to let you down

I tried so hard

to make you proud


so now that 19 years have passed

I want to thank you for all your love


I want to thank you for all your time

for being patient when I screwed up

for forgiving and believing


I want to thank you for all you've taught me

for understanding all trouble I've put you through

for all the fun you let me have

throughout all these years


you made me who I am today

and there's nothing I would change

that's why I want to say

how proud I am to be your daughter


although I feel pretty grown up

I will always be your little girl

with long messy brown hair

asking about strange things everyday


you may think I don't need you anymore

but there you're wrong

I always will,

it just won't be the same


you made me believe my dreams can be real

and that I should follow them no matter what others say

you made me believe I will succeed

even though I am scared


thank you for the encouragement

for pushing me to work hard

to get where I am now

and making me not ashamed of what I've become


so my bubble is to break soon

and I will step into the real world

I know I will be fine

'cause I have you to fall back on


and I know you'll always be there for me.

and you can be sure I'll be there for you


so I just want to let you know how much I love you both

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