The Ultimate Talent Show

Set 300 years in the future, planet Earth is wrecked. With basic supplies long gone, things are getting desperate. The human race is taking drastic measures to preserve the once-powerful species. But when scientists create an emergency escape shuttle, things take a turn for the worse- if that's possible...


2. There's always a catch

"The pod is capable of holding a capacity of up to 40,000. Scientists have not yet released the date of the launch, but it is believed that the 90-day expedition to Venus will begin on the 5th of April later this year. People with a guaranteed seat on the first rocket include the royal family and other relatives, the prime minister and his family, MP's and their..."

The reporter continued to read a list of those with a one-way ticket to Venus. The list consisted of the royal family, anyone that worked for the government, celebrities and close family and friends of them. Any seats left over were most likely going to the highest bidder. The government were always looking for more money. It looked like if you weren't related to an MP or had a couple hundred thousand to blow, you were stuck on Earth until the sixth or seventh flight, when tickets were affordable. Or that's what we thought.

"The British government have agreed to split the space programme with the US government to cover the cost. This means that American government and celebrities will also take up many of the seats. By our calculations, that means that there will be around 10,000 seats remaining for the general public. As the team behind the expedition are keeping many details quiet until a later date, so we are only able to guess that the rest of the tickets will be auctioned off at high prices." The reporter stopped, putting a hand to her ear piece.

"To our calculations, tickets are probably going to be priced anywhere between 100 and 400 thousand pounds." My heart practically fell. 400 thousand. Mother and I didn't get that much money in five years, let alone enough for all three of us to buy a ticket.

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