The Ultimate Talent Show

Set 300 years in the future, planet Earth is wrecked. With basic supplies long gone, things are getting desperate. The human race is taking drastic measures to preserve the once-powerful species. But when scientists create an emergency escape shuttle, things take a turn for the worse- if that's possible...


3. The view from 10 Downing Street

He narrowed his eyes and chewed the end of his pen, focus anywhere but the the crisis unfolding around him. On the left side of his pale, fallen face, the hair fell over his eye. The red mark on his finger showed he had been writing for a long time, but the waste paper basket showed that none of it had been successful. His hands ran through the mop of brown, greasy hair, indicating it had been many days since he had washed it. In a tired, can't-be-bothered sort of way, he loosed the chokingly tight tie round his neck, and breathed a sigh, not of relief but exasperation. Dropping the pen, he stood up and lazily wandered over to the window. 

"Why," he parted the folds in the blind. "Did it have to get like this?" His assistant looked uncomfortably nervous.

"Sir, I don't mean to... But it has been almost four days." The man remained still as his assistant shuffled from foot to foot, fiddling with the corner of the clipboard. "Maybe you should-" 

"Look at that." He cut the man off, gesturing at him to look out the window. "All of this is mine. Mine, Stewart. But look at it. Ruined." The men looked through the glass.

It was indeed ruined. The streets were littered with junk, buildings vandalised and the windows smashed. Cars were parked at the side of the road, many also wrecked by the poor in an attempt to find a morsel of food amongst the wrecks. There was no use for cars anymore- not since fuels had run out. The dull, grey city had a thick grey cloud of smoke hanging over it constantly, as did almost the whole planet. It was a result of the years of pollution strain the planet had been put under generations ago. Even the luscious green forests, vast natural plains and acres of rainforests were a thing of the past; almost every inch of the planet was covered in colossal towers of houses, designed to cope with the ever growing population of Earth; 15 billion in the year 2310. 

"I should be able to fix this." The prime minister walked back to his desk. "People shouldn't have to live like this!" He yelled, slamming a fist on the desk. "Do you see what their lives are like, Stewart?" He turned and pointed in the direction of the window, dark, threatening eyes looking over the trembling assistant. "These people have no food, there aren't enough jobs to go round. The children are at deaths door and there is nothing the parents can do to help!" He thundered, the outstretched arm trembling with rage. "The pollution is causing viruses that were eliminated decades ago. An estimated 5 billion people are living on the streets. That is a third of the planets population. A whole third of the population are out there, freezing to death at the side of a road right now!" He shut his eyes and leaned over the desk. 

"It's not your fault, sir. It's the people who became before you." Stewart tried to console the raging Prime minister. "Those who used all the fuels and non-renewable substances up, despite their already dwindling numbers. It's them who got almost the whole planet into debt. It's them who made no plans for the growing population." The desperate assistant tried to reassure his boss. 

"Yeah. Yeah, you're right." Standing up, he again ran a hand through his matted hair, mumbling "I'm going to bed." as he walked out. 

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