The Ultimate Talent Show

Set 300 years in the future, planet Earth is wrecked. With basic supplies long gone, things are getting desperate. The human race is taking drastic measures to preserve the once-powerful species. But when scientists create an emergency escape shuttle, things take a turn for the worse- if that's possible...


4. An interview that reveals all

I knew the whole nation, possibly the whole world, would be crowded around any TV they could get near to. the broadcaster was still standing surrounded by the stacks, whistling wind making her words barely audible. 

"...and back to our correspondent, Jake." The screen cut to a TV studio, and it was, like most things were, pretty run down. The news reporter sat on a threadbare sofa, in the mangy studio. Dull lights lit up the dust floating around the room, illuminating the stained wooden floors. 

"Thanks Sam. So, understandably, the country is gripped by the thought of 'the pod', as it has come to be known as. Scientists have finally created a fuel that is able to take the capsule to Venus. To our knowledge, Venus was chosen as it has a similar size and distance from the sun. In fact, Venus is almost identical to Earth in every way but one. It had no atmosphere until twenty years ago, when an artificial atmosphere was created in anticipation of the pod." As the reporter carried on rolling off a list of facts and figures about the similarities and differences between the two planets, I began to wonder how we were ever going to be able to afford the tickets. After all, just paying for our monthly food supplies was quite a struggle. As if in answer to my concerns, I glanced back up to the TV to see the reporter had been joined by a rather old man in a white lab coat.

"Thank you for letting me onto the show." The old man wheezed as he lowered himself onto the sofa. 

"Thank you for agreeing to this interview." A toothless grin spread across the mans face. "Now, can you tell us a little more about the pod?" The man slowly rested his walking stick onto the side of the sofa.

"As you already know, the pod holds up to 40,000 people. Many of these will be part of the British, US or Japanese government. Remaining seats are open to any celebrities who want them." He paused, as if hesitant that he should say what he was about to say. "We believe this will leave a remaining 10,000 seats for the general public." This time, he stopped talking, as if he had already given too much away.

"And how much can the public be expected to pay for these precious tickets?" The reporter prompted.

 "There is not a price on the tickets. Instead, the three nations have agreed that the tickets will be given to those who deserve them." Looking slightly confused, the reporter continued.

"Why would they do that?" He leaned forward, elbows resting on his knees.

"Because there is only going to be one flight to Venus." 





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