I wrote this short story for the BBC 500 words competition and was unsuccessful so I thought I'd post it on here, only one chapter.

hope you enjoy and if you have any tips or suggestions don't hesitate to comment!


1. Metamorphosis


I sat and stared at that delicate blue butterfly for over an hour, watching it flutter in the sunset. I was amazed that a tiny caterpillar crawling the ground could turn into a graceful butterfly overnight. It was a humid summer night, I sat on my porch with a woollen shawl draped around my shoulders, I was always cold now.  I placed my hands on the ground and positioned myself ready for the race. Perspiration dripped down my face and the nerves were kicking in. I’d trained so hard for this race. The claxon sounded and I sprinted immediately into the lead, I could hear people chanting my name and the adrenaline kept me going. I was going to win… The butterfly drifted out of my sight as the memory faded away. I guess I understood why my friends abandoned me. I was no fun after that. All I did was cry, they didn’t understand. It crushed me and suddenly I was nothing, I had nothing.  The race continued, I’d slipped from the lead twice but regained my place instantly. I was so close I could almost touch it, I imagined the headlines. STEPHANIE BARGEFORD, 13, WINS RACE. YOUNGEST WINNER EVER. LEGEND. Legend. How I longed to be one. But, suddenly it all changed…  The cyclist was irresponsible. He rammed right over me. I told myself to get up, but I couldn’t. I don’t remember much after that. The next thing I remember, was being woke up by my parents. I could tell they had been crying. Mum fled the hospital. I didn’t understand, my dad hugged me, tears flooded out of his eyes. He sat there for a moment silently, crying. I’d never seen anyone cry like this, it scared me so much. I was paralysed from the waist down. I’d never walk again, never mind race. I broke down mentally, I couldn’t cry but I’d wake up from nightmares, screaming. My life was gone, it was a mess and I had no-one to turn to, I needed help with everything yet I’d been so independent. I wheeled myself to the bathroom. It had been a year now but everything had changed. I’d been taking sleeping tablets ever since the accident.  I unscrewed the lid, ready to end my life. I’d had enough. I tipped the bottle into my hands. I looked up. In the mirror, I saw a fragile girl. A frightened girl. A girl who needed help, not death. No, I couldn’t do this, not to my parents or my family. I needed to turn my life around. I couldn’t win a race anymore, I couldn’t sprint to the finish line, I could be like the butterfly and start a new life. I could do this for myself. I went back to my porch and saw stars above me, I knew that I was strong, I could do this. And as warm tears trickled down my cheeks, I closed my eyes, ready to face anything.  
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