Back For You

This is second in the series that started with Butterfly Fly Away. It's two years since Louis' little sister Madison moved to Ireland and all the lads that are still in England are missing her like mad. The lads planned to go to the ski lodge for a month to get Madison and Niall off their minds because Louis has refused to do anything that reminds him of Madison. He just wants his little sister back and Zayn wants to explain what happened with Perrie to Maddie.



13. Shopping

Perrie's POV

I was watching Pretty Little Liars while waiting for Maddie to arrive. I can't wait to meet her! She seems lovely. The doorbell made me jump I was that engrossed in the episode. I swung open the door and Louis was stood there. He had a pretty girl behind him. That must be Maddie. She's really pretty. I can see why Zayn likes her.

"Hiya. This is Maddie. Maddie, this is Perrie."

"It's lovely to meet you, Maddie."

"You too, Perrie."

"Will you be alright, Mad?" Louis asked Maddie

"Yes. I'll be fine."

"Eleanor wants to join your shopping trip later." He said to me

"How's Starbucks at 4:30?"

"I phone her in a minute to tell her." He replied

"C'mon in."

"Thanks. Bye Louis"

She gave Louis a kiss on the cheek and went inside. Louis walked away on the phone, got into his car and drove away. I closed the front door and went inside to hear a squeal from Maddie when she saw Pretty Little Liars.

"What's wrong?"

"I love Pretty Little Liars!"

"Me too!"

We sat down and watched a new episode, I grabbed my purse and car keys then set off for shopping.

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