Back For You

This is second in the series that started with Butterfly Fly Away. It's two years since Louis' little sister Madison moved to Ireland and all the lads that are still in England are missing her like mad. The lads planned to go to the ski lodge for a month to get Madison and Niall off their minds because Louis has refused to do anything that reminds him of Madison. He just wants his little sister back and Zayn wants to explain what happened with Perrie to Maddie.



8. Maddie's Dream

Maddie's POV

*Flashback In Her Dream*

He stumbled towards me, mumbling different rude names at me. I had been trapped in this cage for four days now. Treated like I was an animal that doesn't deserve any respect. I shouldn't be afraid of him but I am because I know what he's capable of. He abuses me, calls me names and has tried to kill me since I tried to end my relationship with him because he is controlling and abusive. He locked me in the cellar which felt like a cage with absolutely no way to escape other then a window which was barred off and locked. I should've listened to Niall. I should've never left Zayn. I should've stayed in touch with Louis. I still love Zayn, no matter how much I try to deny it. If I could only escape I could fix everything.


That's when I woke up. I was sweating, sobbing and Louis was cradling me just as if I was a baby.


LT: What's Wrong, Maddie?

M: I had a bad dream, that's all.

LT: Tell me all about it.


El rushed into the room in a fluster asking if I was okay.


LT: She's fine now, she says it was just a bad dream.

E: Oh ok.


El left again to leave me and Louis alone.


M: It was about him.

LT: Who?

M: Derrick, my ex-boyfriend

LT: What did he do?


I told him EVERYTHING about the cellar, Derrick and what Derrick did to me. The look on his face was heartbreaking when I had finished.


LT: Maddie....

M: I only got away from him because of Niall

LT: Niall? As in Niall Horan?

M: Yes



Niall heard his name and rushed in.


N: Yeah?

LT: Thank you

N: For what?

LT: For saving Maddie from Derrick

N: She told you?

M: Yes, I did.

N: It was no problem, Louis.


A Week Later

I haven't slept a wink since then and when I have I always wake up the same as I did that night other then it varies between Louis, Niall, Zayn and El cradling me. I still haven't told Zayn how I feel about him. I need to do that soon. I need to fix this. Maybe when I dream about how Niall rescued me then I will stop having this paranoia of Derrick being behind me. I woke up again and it was Zayn hugging me.


Z: Shush. Maddie, it's all ok now. He's gone, I'm here to protect you.

M: Zayn, I have something to tell you.

Z: What is it?

M: I.....

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