Back For You

This is second in the series that started with Butterfly Fly Away. It's two years since Louis' little sister Madison moved to Ireland and all the lads that are still in England are missing her like mad. The lads planned to go to the ski lodge for a month to get Madison and Niall off their minds because Louis has refused to do anything that reminds him of Madison. He just wants his little sister back and Zayn wants to explain what happened with Perrie to Maddie.



4. Maddie and El: Back Together Again

Louis' POV

It's 10am and Maddie's not woke up yet so I decided to go wake her up. When I jumped on her to wake her up she muttured some really rude words and since she had never swore before I was so shocked. I think I need to have a talk with Niall. When I found him in the kitchen (I should've looked there first) I was so angry


LT: Niall, I need to have a talk with you

N: Sure buddy. What's up?

LT: What happened in the two years you and Maddie were in Ireland

N: Nothing why?

LT: She's started swearing, she's thinner and she has scars now

N: Oh that. Well I think she should tell you.

LT: No I want you to tell me right now.

N: I-I-I...

LT: Niall!

N: F-F-Fine I'll tell you. She got a boyfriend and how changed her.

LT: How?

N: He abused her all the time so she started to starve herself and the scars are from the abusing.


N: The swearing is because she's been around me

LT: Swearing is understandable but her boyfriend used to abuse her?

N: She was so devestated about what happened between her and Zayn that she needed a lad to help get over him but it didn't work.

LT: I've forgiven Zayn for that but.....


Before I could finish my sentence I heard Madison screaming then she ran out to me with Zayn close behind.


M: Louis, pwease get Zayn to stop chasing me

LT: Zayn, if she doesn't want talk

Z: I just wanted her to know that I still love her

LT: Maddie, I need to have a private talk with you

M: Ok?


Then I sent the lads back to their rooms.


LT: Niall told me

M: Niall told you what?

LT: About the scars and why you're thinner. Why didn't you tell me?

M: I didn't want you to make me leave.

LT: Maddie, you need a lad who will take care of you and tell you you're beautiful all the time.

M: There's no-one like that that I know.

LT: There's one lad who really likes you

M: Who?

LT: Zayn. He still loves you and I can tell you still love him.

M: I do but...

LT: No buts. I think you and Zayn should try again but it's up to you, little sis

M: How are you so smart?

LT: Erm. I don't know. Liam? Eleanor?

M: How is Eleanor?

LT: She really misses you and wants to take you shopping

M: Aw that's so sweet


Just as she that the doorbell rang. Yes! El's here! I opened the door and as soon as they saw each other they had a really nice hug since they are the best of friends.


LT: El's staying here with us for 2 weeks

M: Yes! Another girl!

E: How have you been?

M: I'm great! How about you?

E: I'm awesome. Guess what Louis did when we went to Paris

M: What did he do?

E: He shouted 'I love you Eleanor Calder' from the top of the Eiffel Tower

M: That's so cute


Then they went to chat in Maddie's room


Eleanor's POV

I haven't seen Maddie in ages. She's thinner then I remember but she's still just as beautiful. We sat down on Maddie's bed and just chatted for ages.


E: We have to go shopping when we get back to London.

M: Yeah.

E: There's so much to catch up on

M: There is isn't there?

E: Have you got a job?

M: Yes I have and you'll love it. I work at....wait for it.....STARBUCKS!

E: Ace! Which one?

M: The one you always go too

E: I'll see you every day!

M: Yes you will and there's something else

E: What is it?

M: I have just got the house next to yours!

E: Ahh! We'll live next to each other


Just then Louis came in and asked what the screaming was about. We said 'Nothing' at the same time then went into fits of laughter. That was the day that everything changed. I had my best friend back and everything was perfect. My bed was bought in later and me and Maddie decided to share the room since we are both girls. All of us watched a scary film and then me and Maddie dragged ourselves into bed and fell right to sleep.

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