Back For You

This is second in the series that started with Butterfly Fly Away. It's two years since Louis' little sister Madison moved to Ireland and all the lads that are still in England are missing her like mad. The lads planned to go to the ski lodge for a month to get Madison and Niall off their minds because Louis has refused to do anything that reminds him of Madison. He just wants his little sister back and Zayn wants to explain what happened with Perrie to Maddie.



6. Louis' Revenge

Louis' POV

I woke up to Eleanor and everyone else pointing and laughing at me. What's going on?

LT: What are you laughing at?

E: *laugh* Absolutely nothing *laugh*

LT: Come On. Tell Me.

Z: We're not laughing at anything.


I sighed, rolled my eyes then hurried to the bathroom. When I got there I looked into the mirror and I saw what everyone was laughing at. My face was covered in cream! Grr Madison!




Then I ran back into the front room where everyone else was


LT: Maddie, why would you do this?

M: I thought that it would be funny

E: You shouldn't think that.....

LT: Thanks El

E:....Because you should already know it is!

LT: El!

E: Hahahahahaha


Then I started chasing her around the living room. When I caught her I started tickling her.




I need to get revenge on Maddie for putting cream all over my face. Its all set up. I went and found Maddie. I gave her a teddy bear. I had filled it with cream and as soon as I pressed a certain button the teddy will explode, covering her with cream.


M: Lou, why did you give me a teddy bear when I was really mean to you earlier?

LT: I'm being the bigger person

M: Alright then. Thank you.


Then she hugged it, I pressed the button and you should have seen the look on her face.I took a photo of her and was about to tweet it when I saw the photo of me sleeping with the cream all over my face cuddling El. I chased Madison all around the lodge until she locked herself in her and El's room. While I was banging on the door I tweeted the picture of Madison. El came out of the bathroom and banged on the door with me. When El had unlocked the door and went in I followed her and found the window wide open. Maddie had crawled out of the window.


Maddie's POV

After I had crawled out of mine and El's window I jumped into Louis' room through his window and hid under the bed, just planning on getting revenge on Louis.

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