Back For You

This is second in the series that started with Butterfly Fly Away. It's two years since Louis' little sister Madison moved to Ireland and all the lads that are still in England are missing her like mad. The lads planned to go to the ski lodge for a month to get Madison and Niall off their minds because Louis has refused to do anything that reminds him of Madison. He just wants his little sister back and Zayn wants to explain what happened with Perrie to Maddie.



1. Let Zayn Explain

I am missing my sister loads and everything reminds me of her. I haven't been friends with Zayn ever since he cheated on my sister. The only thing stopping me from freaking out is the fact Niall is in Ireland too looking after her. We skyped everyday for a year and then we both got too busy so we lost touch. I haven't talked to her for a year and anything could've happened to her. Time to panic! I ran up to Harry.


LT: Harry, I'm freaking out!

H: Louis, calm down

LT: Anything could've happened to my little sister

H: I'm sure she's fine, Louis, calm down


Then he gave me a hug and I calmed down because his hugs are some of the best ever. Me and the lads are living together now since I couldn't stand being alone. I visit my mum every week because I know how much she missed me when I was in music college.


LP: Why are you giving him a hug?

H: He was starting to freak out about M.A.D.I.S.O.N

LP: Oh right


Then Harry stopped the hug and I was alright again


LP:  Erm Louis can I talk to you outside for a minute?

LT: Alright


I followed Liam outside and Zayn was there. Damn it! I tried to push my way back into the building but Liam wouldn't let me.


LP: Please talk to Zayn

LT: Why should I? He cheated on my little sis!

Z: Please let me explain, Louis.

LT: I-I-I guess I have to let you explain.


Then Liam went inside to give me and Zayn some privacy


Z: Perrie is my ex-girlfriend and she thought we were still together so in the middle of the night she crept into a bed upstairs. I slept on the sofa since it smelt of Maddie and she was leaving in the morning.  I honestly didn't know Perrie was there until she came down the stairs in front of Madison. I would never cheat on Madison. I love her dearly and I still do.

LT: I'll be your friend again then if you honestly didn't know she was there.

Z: When Madison left on the plane I drove back to my house and cried mourning her leaving me

LT: Right. You can come live with the rest of the lads if they're okay with it.


Then I heard through the door Harry and Liam saying they're alright with it


LT: Liam and Harry, were you eaves dropping?

H: Erm...No?

LT: Don't lie to me

LP: Fine we were but does it matter?

LT: Zayn is coming to live with us


Then me and Zayn went back inside and chilled for the rest of the day. When I fell asleep I dreamt of my little sister and what could've happened to her. I NEED to see her soon.

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