Love Hurts

Hannah and Hayley have been best friends since they were 7.While the two girls were strolling down the street in England,Hannah falls and breaks her leg.Little did she know that she and Hayley were in for the best surprise of her life,meeting One Direction as they nurse her back to full health,and Harry fixes Hannah's tragic broken heart.


1. The Walk Where It Started

*Hannah's P.O.V*

       "C'mon hurry up Hannah!!"Hayley yelled to me from my living room,"The mall already opened a damn hour ago!!"  

    "Watch your language!And im almost done with my hair".Hayley was the apartment above me but she was always at my apartment,so I would say she lives at my place half the time.I brushed one more stroke through my shoulder length dirty blonde hair,and gently rubbed on purple eyeshadow on to my blue eyes.I was an average height girl,but i could never wear heels because i have no balance and im so clumbsy.I walked over to my closet and slipped on my aqua converse with pink laces.Then I grabbed my green Coach purse and hopped down the stairs.

         Hayley was the best person I knew.She was so supporting after I had big troubles with my boyfriend,Derek.She was appealing to most eyeryone,with her  brown hair that was a bit lower than her shoulders and blue eyes.She was slightly taller than me,but she was was 19 and i was only 18.She wore blue jean shorts with a green shirt with a picture of Louis (who she was planning to marry).

         When she saw me,she jumped up from my couch and slipped her pink I Phone into her purse."I'm finally ready",i announced.Hayley smiled and we walked over to the door.When we got outside we started walking to the mall since it was so nice outside ,and we didn't feel like driving.

So as we were walking Hayley blurted out,"I hear One Direction is in this part of England today for a rehearsal".She smiled widely since she just got her annoying braces off.

I smiled back at her."Ooohhh wow just maybe they will spot us two girls and propose with 24 carot diamond rings!"I said sarcastically with a laugh.

   She laughed and said vaguely (as if she was dreaming),"A girl can only imagine".

It started to get quiet until I tripped over a hole in the ground."Owwie!" i blurted out.Not only had i fell,but when i was falling my leg hit a metal bike rack.

"Oh my god are you okay?!?!" Hayley asked me as she kneled to the ground to help me up."Is it broken?"

I tried to move my leg,and i moved it about a quarter of an inch before i squealed out "Ouch"

Hayley opened her mouth to say something,but before she could get a word out of her mouth she looked behind me."What is it??"i asked.

" One Direction van,and it's stopping!!!" 





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