Love Hurts

Hannah and Hayley have been best friends since they were 7.While the two girls were strolling down the street in England,Hannah falls and breaks her leg.Little did she know that she and Hayley were in for the best surprise of her life,meeting One Direction as they nurse her back to full health,and Harry fixes Hannah's tragic broken heart.


2. No Need To Fear,One Direction Is Here!

*Hannah's P.O.V*

I looked up because I could NOT believe Hayley saying One Direction was here! But I guess I really could believe Hayley! One Direction was here and their sleek, simple blue van with 1D sign on it was slowing down with a scratchy "ERK!!" noise. I looked over to Hayley who had already snapped about 10 million pictures. She also looked as if she was going to puke, faint, or just drop dead right there.

"One Direction is here!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!!!" Hayley squealed. "How do I look? Will Louis think I'm cute? Or will he hate me? Or........"


She kept talking and asking me a jumble of questions, but eventually I could not let her embarrass her self any further, so I quickly said "Shut up and maybe Louis will have a chance to at least talk to you!'


 She nodded and mumbled "Sorry I'm just so IN LOVE with Louis!!!!!"

I nodded and opened my mouth to speak but then I saw the shining door slide open and saw a brown curly haired boy jump out of the sliding side door. 4 other sweet guys followed; I immediately saw Louis glance at Hayley and wink. But then the name that flew into my head, Harry Edward Styles. Harry Edward Styles is in my presence! Then I glanced at Hayley who looked like she was going to burst into tears of joy. I probably would have too.

Then I quickly looked back at Harry who had his hair sleeked back into a sexy grey beanie. His shining hazel orbs looked at me, piercing through me like a bullet. He smiled at me then came over with Louis, Niall, Liam, and Zayn lagged since he was texting his sweet girlfriend of 2 years; Kyley.

Harry and the boys finally reached me and Harry kneeled down to me and grabbed my hand that I had been resting on the hot, grey sidewalk. His jaw almost touched the floor as he gaped at me while Louis sat close to Hayley (and winked at her and smiled). After a few moments, Louis tapped Harry's muscular shoulder to bring him back to reality. He shook his head and his perfect lips formed the words "are you all right love?''



Hey! Sorry me and Hayley havent written in a bit, and I also apologize for the short chapter, but another chapter will come soon! Love you guysss! <3                        - Hannah and Hayley xx



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