Na Na Na

Jade Lane and Niall Horan have broken up because of an stupid rumor Harry Styles made because he has feelings for her. How many rumors will Harry Styles make up to keep Niall away from Jade?


2. Getting cheered up by superman!

Jades P.O.V.:
Maybe I was too hard on Harry..
Should i go and apologize?
Nhaaa.... Then he would do it again..
I need some cheering up. I KNOW!! I should go and talk to Louis!
Hey Louis!! I yell seeing the tall muscular brunette.
YEAH!! WHOSE CALLING ME?? he says with a frightened look on his face.
Me Jade! I yell back.
Oh hey Jade!! He says walking towards me.
Whats wrong he asks.
You look sad.
Damn, am i that transparent?
Ummmmm... nottthing.. i say.
Come on tell me. He says his eyes shining with concern.
Fine Okay. I say.
I explain everything to him and he listens.
Well.. he says you did the right thing.
But you should go apologize to harry you know Harry's too sensitive just tell him you're not mad at him.
Thanks Louis your the best! I say running down the hall.
HEY!! ITS SUPERMAN TO YOU!!! he says smiling and striking a superman pose.
I laugh. Louis is a good friend.
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