Life's a game, he played it, he got it so wrong. Now it's up too her too clean it up.


9. The person


I froze. who was that?

Police Jail Dead I got up to run but whoever it was lurched forward and grabbed my arm. I tried to scream but it catches in my throat. Whoever this person was was strong. "please, don't worry, I'm not gonna hurt you." At that moment I don't know what got into me but I joked; "and that's what they all say.." The person laughed an their grip loosened. At that point I felt less threatened an noticed the person was alone. I was shocked. And the person wasn't in uniform, i turned to face him. it was a teenager- but he was tall, so a little older than me maybe. He had curly brown hair and sparkly green eyes. His clothes were dirty and ripped. "so are we gonna stay put if I let go?" he pushed his fringe out of his face with his spare hand so he could look at me properly.  I nodded, not really knowing what to say. Why was this boy here? Why was he being nice to me? He dropped my arm but continued to stare at me. "um, why are you here?" I felt a little more confident now he had let me go. He thought for a moment, looking at the stream. "I could ask you the same question." I groaned in frustration and he laughed, turning on his heal and starting to walk of into the forest.  "Hey!" was he just going to walk of? "what?" he didn't turn around. "Are you just gonna walk off? Like nothing happened?" "well why wouldn't I?" he turned and stopped. I jogged up too him. "look. I don't know you, you don't know me but we are both stuck in these woods for one reason or another and we just as well work together." I kept looking at the ground, he could help me and I guess I could help him. I was expecting him to deny me though. He didn't reply after quite a while and I looked up into his face. I was doing that half smirk that boys do that was so annoying attractive, and his eyes searches mine as if trying to find something. "alright." He turned again as started walking. "what's your name?" he ignored me "where are we going?" I shouted and walk after him. "you don't stop asking questions do you?" he shouted over his shoulder, he said it with humour in his voice and I couldn't help thinking that he had already a stablished the hierarchy between us.  I rolled my eyes and followed him a few paces behind.
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