Life's a game, he played it, he got it so wrong. Now it's up too her too clean it up.


7. Lucky

I have Been so lucky.... Whoever or whatever was chasing me couldn't find me, I fell in a small pit, I had gasped at first, then fell silent as I heard the footsteps go past me. 

  I waited an hour in the pit, just in case  they were still nearby, I then crawled out slowly and jogged back too the clearing,following my tracks, this took ages and I realise how far they/he/she must have chased me.  I felt a sigh of relief as I reached the camp, somewhere semi familiar at least!   I checked my phone, another six messages from mum- and only 20% battery. I decided too check the texts later and save the phones last bit of energy on something that could be more important.   I did all the usual stuff (or what would pass as normal around here) , collecting wood, water- leaves and green plants that look as if there edible .....etc  And started a fire. I wondered what my old friends would say if they saw me again.....they probably wouldn't say anything at all, they would be ashamed to even say I was their friend. I hugged my knees closer to my chest and I became aware of how dirty I was- I probably smelled bad too. I decided to try and wash myself somehow tomorrow.  My stomach rumbled and I winced, I can't survive on leaves forever.      A few minuets  later it started to get windy, it was cold and I huddled closer to the fire. It blew out and I cursed under my breath. I stupidly took out my phone, as I used it to start the fire, with the sun.... Sun? It was 10, September  and it's pitch black. My god, if I don't die of hunger or anxiety I'm gunna die after making a stupid mistake, I'm loosing my mind I swear. My phone flashes and vibrates with a new message. It reads:  Mum "I know it's silly I keep messaging you, your probably dead..."   Click to read this message   "it's not stupid, I'm alive..." I whisper as I curl up next to the ashes.
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