Life's a game, he played it, he got it so wrong. Now it's up too her too clean it up.


1. Intro

I loved J,my boyfriend-but  he has gone.Murdered, in his owmm home,found laying on the floor of the lounge,the deep red blood seeping into the cream carpet. As he was in his own home, the police suspected the murder was commited by someone he knew. His parents moved to spain a few mounths before, his grandparents died before he was born and he had no uncles or aunts. This leaves his friends; Ben, Curtis and Zac, but they are all still on thier D of E gold course in Wales.Crap.

Thats why I'm here, at 11:00 in the woods that start at the back of his house in pitch black. Runnimg for my life. The  police search lights reflecting of the tress and leaves. But i hadnt killed him, he got annoying some times- staying out late, borrowing money and never paying me back- but i loved him. I can remember,as it was only a couple of hours ago, i had gone home with him for a quiet night in. I was thirsty and went to the kitchen. By the time i retourned he was dead. Obviously i had a break down, i ran away. But that only made them suspect me as the murderer even more.....

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