Life's a game, he played it, he got it so wrong. Now it's up too her too clean it up.


6. Chase

I didnt wake up sweating and crying today, i didnt have the nightmare. i smiled to myself as i got up and streached. The sun had already risen and i went too check the time on my phone, 7:00. I cleared up the fire a bit and collected some logs for the fire later. I then wandered of to find something at least half edible. I hadnt been walking for even 5t muinits when i heard foootsteps. I felt the muscles in my legs tense. Oh.God.

I started to run,

so did the footsteps, i asumed they were the police, or some kind of search team. They footsteps where gaining on me, and they got louder.

 I swore and felt the lack of sleep come back too haunt me as I felt my pace slow and my legs ache. I kept going, i felt the posobility of jail run through my mind, and that gave me something to run for. I sprant for what felt like ages, weaving inbertween rabbit holes and trees. But as I got further and the footsteps quieter, I got more confident and less wary of where i was going.

 I tripped.

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