One Direction Imagines

Hi guys if you want an Imagine in this story please comment bellow and please check out my other movella. Oh and comment if you want them dirty or not, your name and which boy!



2. Niall and Rose

Rose's POV

 I finally got home from my crappy day at work! Yes! 

" OUCH!!" I yelled

"Oh I am so sorry love!!"

"Thats fine. Wait aren't you.."

"Yes I am Niall Horan. Anyway you're really pretty."


"Anyway here's my number call me soon."




Wait was he just flirting with me oh my god!!!



Niall's POV


Hmm that girl was really pretty. I wonder if she will really call me?


Rose's POV


I might call him now.. Hmm yeah I will.......



1 year later (Still Rose's POV)


Oh my God! He is getting down on one knee!!! 

" Rose I know its only been a year but I really love you and I know we are a bit young but Rose, will you marry me" Niall said

"OMG then lets think.. hmm.. YES!!"


I then jumped up on him for a kiss and he fell backwards onto the couch after 5 minutes we broke the kiss. 

"Now Mrs Horan what are we having for dinner?" He said.

"I think pasta wil be just fine!"


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