This is it -Harry Styles-

Harry and the guys have been staying at a fans house for a month now.Harry and the guys were planning on cancelling the rest of the tour to be with her but management threatened to have their career cancelled. They all beg for 1 more month. How are they gonna spend it with her. ?


2. Chapter two



I showered and changed into this

"Morning Aria" Grace Chirped

I rolled my eyes at her

"Morning Aria" Harry Grinned

"Morning" I smiled


"Welcome Beautiful" Oliver said with his stupid camcorder recording

I smiled and walked passed him

"Who's this?"He asked as Grace stepped out of the bus

"Um it's my cousin Grace" I smiled

"I've never seen her before"Oliver stared at me

"She barely came yesterday from um the US" I bit my lip

"Oh. Are they always beautiful?" he asked

I shrugged and whispered "Better than UK in your point of view"

"Aria" Grace ran over

"What"i snapped

"Why are you mad at me" She asked

"We'll talk about it later" I sighed and walked off to class

-Period 1: French class-

*I'm using google translate so if I get anything wrong just tell me and I'll correct it*

"Bonjour la classe" Mrs.Stevens walked in swaying her curvy figure

"Bonjour dame stevens" Grace greeted


"Et qui êtes-vous" Mrs.Stevens asked

"Oh, je suis nouveau. Mon nom est Grace Harris. Je suis cousin d'Aria"I responded

"Cousine Aria? très bien maintenant tellement combien de temps êtes-vous ici exacte" She smiled

"J'ai seulement arrivé aujourd'hui. Par la manière dont vous parlez français couramment êtes-vous de la France?" I squinted

"Oui, je suis originaire de France. Et Je vous remercie, vous parlez couramment français aussi" She answered

"Oh Je vous remercie. Eh bien ma mère m'a enseigné 6 langues avant qu'elle ne devienne un paysan. Les langues sont l'anglais, l'espagnol, japonais, français, italien et néerlandais" I smiled

"Incroyable maintenant nous allons commencer à travailler. Peut-être qu'un jour vous pourriez m'apprendre certaines langues quoique" She replied



"Really.?" I yelled at Grace

"What did I do? " She questioned

"Ever since You came Everything Has Revolved Around You."I Snapped

She looked into my eyes "I'm Sorry"

I sighed "It's fine it's not like anyone liked me"

"Aria listen Someone does like you. As a friend and as a Girlfriend Just give it time"She smiled

"You could say that because you're all beautiful. You have a perfect tan. perfect brunette hair. Perfect figure. Perfect Teeth.You Don't have to pluck your eyebrows and moustache. You're perfect" I sniffed

"Listen Aria. I'm Not perfect. I'm 5"4 and I wear a size 9 in shoe.My hands are big.They're like big ping pong paddles. It's really embarrassing to go around with huge feet and huge hands with my short self but I push that away because one day there's gonna be a prince charming who will enjoy my flaws.You need to realize that" She smiled

I hugged her and she hugged back


"Dad"I shouted and he walked in

"Sup babygirl?" He chuckled

"Where's the guys?" I asked

"They wanted me to tell you something. They-"




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