This is it -Harry Styles-

Harry and the guys have been staying at a fans house for a month now.Harry and the guys were planning on cancelling the rest of the tour to be with her but management threatened to have their career cancelled. They all beg for 1 more month. How are they gonna spend it with her. ?


3. Chapter three


"No You're lying" tears flew down my face and landed in my lap

"I wish I was" My dad sighed

I stood up and ran outside

"Aria." Grace Came out

"Leave me alone."I threw my self on the ground

Grace sighed and walked over "You knew it was gonna happen sooner or later."

"I Know But They Said They Were Going To Tell Me" I sniffed

"They left a note" Grace said

I stood up "LEAVE ME ALONE." I shouted and walked off


-Next morning-

I woke up and changed into this


I walked over to the shack and saw Aria working

"Morning aria" I smiled

"Hey" She said bringing a bucket to the back

"So what are you doing.?" I asked

"Working." She rolled her eyes

"On?" I asked.

She stared at me "Listen you know I don't like you so leave me alone."

"You do like me you're just mad that they left without telling you."I snapped

she looked at me and than tears were forming in her eyes

I held my arms out and she walked into them


-Later that day-

"So last day of school is in two days and that day is homecoming" I squealed

She sighed " Well I don't have a date. Harry was my date"

"Me and you will go together. Lets go to the mall and buy dresses.


~Harry's p.o.v~

"Yeah....So That's the plan?....Okay thanks Grace"i hung up





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