This is it -Harry Styles-

Harry and the guys have been staying at a fans house for a month now.Harry and the guys were planning on cancelling the rest of the tour to be with her but management threatened to have their career cancelled. They all beg for 1 more month. How are they gonna spend it with her. ?


1. Chapter one

I sighed as I ran my fingers through my straight,brown hair. But soon a smile appeared on my face when I saw my crush Jorge. I smiled at him politely but he just groaned and rolled his eyes.

"I feel the love"i thought


I threw my back-pack and looked for Har- The guys. I peeked outside to see them chatting with some teenage girls. I frowned at the thought of that and at the thought of how beautiful they all are.


I walked over to the lake and sat by my dad

"Hey pal" my dad squinted his eyes and covered the sun with his huge hand

"Hi"i sighed

"That doesn't sound like my pal is happy."He said closing the lobster cage

"Says the one whos always stressed" I leaned to my side

He stood up and threw me over his shoulder

"No Stop" I yelled laughing

He threatened to throw me over but than he put me down.

"You give me  a headache" I rolled my eyes

"Be nice" HE warned

I stuck out my tongue

"Aria" I heard harry shout

I turned and looked at him

"This is Grace" he smiled introducing the brunette "She's staying here. Your father saved her"

I nodded and smiled "Well I'm Aria."

I walked off and into the house


I walked into my room and saw grace in there

"Hey Um What-"

"What are you doing in my room" I interrupted

"Harry gave me this room" She looked around "But it's too small so I need to take things out of here"

"Okay look" I fake laughed "This is my room. If you wanna sleep if here you're not moving anything. And also there's a couch outside in case you wanna sleep there"


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