I'm glad you found this. This is your way out of the sacrifice.


1. Inevitable

I'm glad you found this. This is your way out of the sacrifice.

I'm sending this back in time. I know it will have worked if I don't remember any of this. If it dosen't, at least I'll know I've saved someone.

In the future things are different. You expect for things to progress, but its all backwards now. We're back to spartan basics. It was that, or the earth's core would explode, blasting us in to the after life.

In the future, we are ruled by a bunch of bloodthirsty, evil men, who have convinced the remaining public that the only way we can ever march forward is to defeat all that stands in your way. I protested, saying this was not the way to suceed. I was arrested, and now await my fate, innocent yet guilty, like those poor people branded as witches in the past.

I'm locked in the last bit of technology, a metal chamber, which when a doomed soul is locked inside, is finished off, already being bruised by the public by beatings. I haven't had that. I'm writing this so I can change the future. There is an escape. If my note is at least read, then I can save thousands. If it is taken to the world, millions. The chamber is a time machine of sorts. It overloads living things with electricity, but to to lifeless things, like this note, it sends the electrical current and the thing inside back in time, to the best recieving point. I know it will end up roughly in 2013.

 If the future goes on as it is now, then there is a way to shut down the machine. Why don't I save myself? I can do that, if the first of millions to enter the machine shut it down. Inside, you will find complicated screens and buttons. Ignore them all. You will be sitting on a copper stool, a great conducter, its sole purpose not just to electrify the person sitting upon it, but a disguised emergeny shut down. You will have minutes to locate a small green button and press it. It should be on the under rim of the seat itself. So as not to arouse suspicion, sit down and feel around for it. The screens should change when you press it, all reading: Authorize shut down? Press the green button again.

My time is almost up. The note will be sent back, but it will have to be at the same time I meet my well-known demise. I need you to help. This is real. I'm sacrificing myself to save you. I protested on purpose. Ah. My time is up. Best of luck.


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