“But now you've forgotten”

Ella Roberts has always felt like a jigsaw with a piece missing: incomplete. She knows that there should be something filling the great big hole inside of her, but the harder she pushes for answers, the further away they seem.

So when a boy she’s never supposed to have met before turns up out of the blue and says he has answers, why shouldn't she trust him? After all, it’s hard not to trust someone that you feel like you've known your whole life.

As Ella falls deeper and deeper into the adventure, can she stop herself falling deeper and deeper in love with the boy?


1. Prologue



Part 1

The Awakening




I’m dreaming.

“I’ll never forget him. I know everything about him. I know what clothes he likes to wear when he’s relaxing at home. I know that he orders Chinese food on a Saturday night. I know what his hopes and dreams are but most importantly I know he...” I trail off uncertainly. “He loves me. And I love him,” I finish.

 “Well in that case it’s an awfully big shame that you can never remember him,” a man all in black replies. He looks like he’s just robbed a bank; he’s even got the balaclava. Suddenly this strikes me as highly amusing.


I’m sat in a chair.


Men are holding me down when I feel like I’ve been pinched hard. I look down and see a syringe in my arm.

“What are you doing to me?”

“It’s a memory drug. It won’t kick in for a while yet though,” one of the men informs me.


I’m running.


Through streets and past buildings, shops, trees, I run until I get to a street that is familiar even whilst I am in this unconscious state. The road where I live.


I burst through my front door where my mum is standing. It’s like she’s waiting for me.

“They drugged me. Said I had to forget,” I know I’m probably not making much sense as I sink onto the floor suddenly so, so tired. Mum nods and kneels down to my level to hug me. “Mustn’t forget. Trying to remember but...but...”

As I see blackness starting to cloud my vision my mum says, “But now you’ve forgotten.”

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