It didn't go as i had planned.

Hey Guys, this is my first fanfic and the plot line is this. Basically i go to london to see my boyfriend Zayn and lots of different events happen along the way someone is kidnapped and a secret is revealed. Enjoy!


6. Chapter 6

The breeze of London was magical, the stars filled the dark blue sky and it felt like I was on a different planet, I just stood there for a while just looking up towards the sky "we made it" I mumbled quietly to myself, I turned and looked at Kreity, "we are finally here, we did it" I said to her she gave me a hug "yes, yes we did" she replied. I wanted to call Zayn but it was 3 in the morning an I didn't want to wake him, we carried our suitcases to the airport hotel, checked in for the night and then stumbled up to the room. As I walked in the door I laid my suitcases at the end of my bed, while sort of jumping on at the same time, it felt so comfortable it was like laying in clouds, I rolled onto my side and started to doze off.


*Kreity's POV* 

I laid on my bed, and things rushed through my head, "what am I going to do next?" I thought to my self, I mean Nakia isn't going to want me to live with her forever, I decided to leave it until the morning that way I could see what she was doing. I laid down on the bed it felt like clouds it was so fluffy and soft it was so incredible. The next day had come so quick I literally ha my eyes closed for 2 minutes and then my alarm went off, and I set it for noon. I rose slowly my eyes were reluctant to open, I got up and went and had a shower then I went to wake Nakia up "dude, wake up! It's nearly noon" I said, she woke up in a flash and had managed to fall out of bed. I laughed, she finally got up off the floor and went for her shower while she was in there I decided to tidy my suitcase, I found a letter that I don't remember packing. I opened it. "No..." I said to myself "NO THIS CANT HAVE HAPPENED" I said louder this time, I started to cry, Nakia came out of the shower and saw me. I handed her the letter, she dropped the letter on the floor and fell to her knees to comfort me, "I'm so so sorry" she said while silently sobbing. I knew she couldn't believe what she just read and neither could I.

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