It didn't go as i had planned.

Hey Guys, this is my first fanfic and the plot line is this. Basically i go to london to see my boyfriend Zayn and lots of different events happen along the way someone is kidnapped and a secret is revealed. Enjoy!


5. Chapter 5

I finally figured it out, i realised how i could get away. 'Just tell him yo will take him back,, and he will let you go' i thought this to myself for around 5 minutes. "I'm sorry David, i have just realised i do love you. Please take me back" i said to him hoping he'd believe me "I knew you would come around babe, lets go back to the flight and talk?" he said "Sounds good to me, sweetie" i said. He got up and un tied me, we walked towards the door and as he opened it i screamed "HELP ME!"  and ran back to Kreity, then the security guard tackle David to the ground as he tried to get up to the second level of the plane. I was relieved. I sat down next to Kreity and took a deep breath in and fell asleep. "Nakia! wake up! the plane has landed" Kreity said to me in a rush, "wait what?" i said sleepy, "Dude, you've been asleep pretty much the whole plane ride" she said, "but what about David and the security guard?" i said, "what are you on about? they don't have security guards on planes? but hurry up, we have finally arrived in London" she stated. I was so confused, was all of that just a dream? i shook my head in confusion, i walked off the plane with Kreity and stood in the fresh London air.




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