It didn't go as i had planned.

Hey Guys, this is my first fanfic and the plot line is this. Basically i go to london to see my boyfriend Zayn and lots of different events happen along the way someone is kidnapped and a secret is revealed. Enjoy!


4. Chapter 4

The room was dark and i was scared, i actually thought i was going to die. It was pitch black i couldn't see a thing until the light flickered on, i was in the luggage compartment with all the big suit cases, what is going on? "Did you miss me babe?" said the mysterious voice then he appeared it was David. "How did you find me?!" i screamed, "oh i have my ways" he said. David was my ex-boyfriend he was such a good guy then he just went weird and he got violent he used to hit me if i didn't do the laundry right, so i left i even changed my last name the only question that was in my head was 'how?' "HOW DID YOU FIND ME?!" i asked with fear and frustration. "babe.." he said, "I'm not your babe David i left you for a reason, HOW DID YOU FIND ME?!" i said without letting him finish his sentence, "I still love you, i had to find you i want to call you mine" he said with a wink, "David! we broke up 4 years ago and you know i have a boyfriend, we are never getting back together your a horrible person thats why you were put in jail remember?!" i protested. He didn't say anything. He just sat there and looked at me with this look. I tried to scream. No-one could hear me. 


*Kreity's POV*

Where was she? She had been gone for 40 minutes, i got up and started to look for her, i wandered around for around 5 minutes then the flight attendant told me to take me seat, "Ma'am i can't my friend is missing" i said to her "I will take care of your situation in a minute, but i need you to sit down" she said. I sat down. I was so worried now i was feeling sick. What happened? Where is she?

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