It didn't go as i had planned.

Hey Guys, this is my first fanfic and the plot line is this. Basically i go to london to see my boyfriend Zayn and lots of different events happen along the way someone is kidnapped and a secret is revealed. Enjoy!


3. Chapter 3

Butter flies filled my stomach it was my turn to go through the  detector i walked through i closed my my eyes, i listened for noise. Nothing. I feel as if a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Kreity and I walked through and got seated on the plane, as i was putting our carry-on in the storage unit a strange looking guy walked past and his hand stroked the lower part of my back, I thought nothing of it he must have accidentally touched my back he he squeezed past it wasn't a very big walkway, but he had this look it was indescribable but it didn't seem like a good look but for some reason he looked familiar, had i seen him before? no i must be confused.

*Kreity's POV*

She sat down next to me and seemed worried it was quite obvious she had fear in her eyes. "Are you okay? you look like you just saw a ghost?" i said quietly to her, "Yeah im fine, but some guy touched my back i think it was harmless but the look in his eye wasn't" she expressed "It probably was just a harmless walk-by thing, i wouldn't worry about it" i tried to tell her with encouragement. But she didn't seem assured. "I'm going to go to the toilet and then get food and drinks before all the good stuff goes ok? i said while half standing up, "ok, ill see you in a bit" she said. I walked away and hoped she didn't think too much of that guy.


*Nakia's POV* 

I felts a chill run down my spine, i shivered. I sat there for about 10 minutes and waited for Kreity to come back, "its about time you came back i've been busting for a pee" i said to her and then rushed to the toilet. As i was about to walk into the cubical that guy appeared again he like came out of nowhere. i looked at him then quickly turned around as i walked in i felt someone clasp their hand around my mouth i tried to scream, i was being dragged into a dark small space. The only thing i could think of is, am i going to die?

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