It didn't go as i had planned.

Hey Guys, this is my first fanfic and the plot line is this. Basically i go to london to see my boyfriend Zayn and lots of different events happen along the way someone is kidnapped and a secret is revealed. Enjoy!


2. Chapter 2

*Nakia's POV*

I listened to the wheels screech as we came to a grinding stop, we had finally made it to the airport. Kreity and i had talked for 5 hours and there was nothing awkward about it, she seemed like a lovely person but i wandered where she was headed too. I guess i should ask. I walked up to her "Hey, i didn't quite catch where you were headed to?" i said, "Oh, i thought you'd never ask im actually headed to London to visit my family, what about you?" she asked, "I'm headed to London to visit my boyfriend Zayn, you know the one from One Direction?" i said it softly so no one would hear me, "SERIOUSLY?!" she exclaimed "Yes im serious, but shush i don't want anyone to know thats where im going ill be stalked" i protested to her with a concerned look. We talked for around half an hour and discovered that we were on the same flight, which to me was pretty alright considering i would have sat all by myself if i didn't say hi to her, things have turned out pretty well. 


*Kreity's POV*

Nakia and I were on our way through customs about to board flight 2KL78 and it departed in 2 hours, why was this taking so long? we were never going to get to our plane on time. I took out my iPhone and started to play angry birds, i finished 4 levels and finally it was our turn to go through, i swear some people just don't think when the go through it like 'oh im going to the airport time to put on everything thats metal on, like seriously dude we are about to board a plane for 11 hours you don't wear 5 size smaller pants, you just don't wear those to the airport' But i was time to put everything we had through the x-ray machine i don't know why but i always got nervous before i walked through those things. Ok. Here i go. There was silence i made it through without it making a noise relief at last.



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