the box

this story is about a young boy that fell aslep and ended up in londons smithfeild


3. the travel

. Gary was so tired that he fell asleep on the box and it had transported him to 1888 in London , Smithfield…

When Gary woke up and found himself in the  streets of London. He was freighted and couldn’t believe what had just happened he was shaking he couldn’t figure out how to  get back but he decided to explore London. He went to the market and found a boy playing football by himself so Gary went to ask if he was okay “errr hello little boy are you okay?

The boy looked at him with despair “well my baby  brother was born a few weeks ago and now he has this thing wrong with him he has a breathing disability he is in st barts hospital having a massive operation. But its in the news paper and he did survive he is named the WONDER BABY  also known as john . “By the way im harry very nice to meet you.” Exclaimed harry “well I have to run see you sometime soon maybe” rushing harry

Gary was walking through the meat market when he found the box he sat on it bang he was back in his home in his loft and he went and told all that stuff to his dad and the little boy named harry turned out to be his dad.


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