Wrong turn, too many mistakes

Chris(tine) has lived in Thornton for the past 5 years and has really changed. She's not longer the girl who couldn't stick up for herself when bullied. She turned to the anger-issued street fighting girl who no one dared to mess with. She still had the same friends and a few more, with the new school year of course.But when she meets Eliza everything turns. Eliza is a prep full of drama and the includes having boyfriends. Chris finds herself not being a part of the guys anymore and starting to have crushes. Eliza introduces her, formally at least to Liam Payne, one of the coolest people ever, but this year nothing's changed about him and yet he has girls wanting him left and right! Chris couldn't help but to be the SECOND girl to fall in love! This is based on my personal life. Once it get's to current I'll make stuff up...I'm good at that haha. It's about me having my first crush and how I didn't know what to do. FAVORITE, LIKE, COMMENT! I will update daily or weekly, we'll see!


1. Mistake numero uno

So this is my first fanfic... I will do my best =p this will be hopefully my first and last author's note... Favorite, Comment, Become a fan, I will update as much as possible! xD Also if you ever want to be used in the story just comment your name and age and what you look and act like =D ~Jordan~

He was tall and hot he wasn't afraid, he wanted to be in the military, he was funny but he could be very insulting if he had a hatred for you.

I had a mutual "friend", Jackie,(damn is she a bitch!) so I had a chance to talk to him and talk crap about her! He had a friend with him as did I. My friend would just laugh as we insulted Jackie, his kept trying to butt in but Anthony and I  had an unspoken agreement to shut him out. I felt bad for Anthony's friend, Liam but I thought this guy was really hot! Could you blame me?! I knew I didn't really like him after a few days, and to everyone else he was hot and to me he became not so hot anymore maybe it was because there isn't any hot guys at my school? Don't get me wrong, I'm  not pretty either, I don't have a good personality, and my body was one of the worst, but I still had feelings too! Plus it was just the beginning of the school year!
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