Wrong turn, too many mistakes

Chris(tine) has lived in Thornton for the past 5 years and has really changed. She's not longer the girl who couldn't stick up for herself when bullied. She turned to the anger-issued street fighting girl who no one dared to mess with. She still had the same friends and a few more, with the new school year of course.But when she meets Eliza everything turns. Eliza is a prep full of drama and the includes having boyfriends. Chris finds herself not being a part of the guys anymore and starting to have crushes. Eliza introduces her, formally at least to Liam Payne, one of the coolest people ever, but this year nothing's changed about him and yet he has girls wanting him left and right! Chris couldn't help but to be the SECOND girl to fall in love! This is based on my personal life. Once it get's to current I'll make stuff up...I'm good at that haha. It's about me having my first crush and how I didn't know what to do. FAVORITE, LIKE, COMMENT! I will update daily or weekly, we'll see!


7. Jealous of Esme? Or wanting privacy?


Chris' POV:

"Hey Liam!" I said as I met him in the hall. God I love his tallness. I'm about as tall as most people in my grade but he was still taller than everybody, besides Anthony who is a little bit taller.

" HEY CHRIS!!!" He yelled.

" So you and Eliza! Dating!" I hinted to tell me more. He laughed nervously.

"Yeah! But she hasn't talked to me..." He trailed off going from happy to unsure.

" Well she said when she responded yes you never replied and it never said you checked it so she wasn't sure if you knew." I tried to comfort him, probably making it worse on accident.

"Really?" He asked. I finished grabbing my books from my locker and slammed the door shut.

" Yeah! Plus maybe she want's you to talk to her first?!" Oh I hoped I was right.

"Oh!" He said while I laughed and being to weirdo klutz I am, I dropped a book in the process. 

Liam bent down and picked it up while I turned around hoping no one else was in the hall.

"FUCK!" I said.

"WHAT?! Are you okay?" He questioned.

"Yeah. Just nothing." I said nervously as I saw a group of girls coming. "Come on." I smiled and walked into class with him.

He sat in front of me so I could sit with my friends and he could sit with his. He turned around to talk to me a lot and practically ditched his friends to talk to me. The friend that I had when we first met, Esme, always sits with me. Esme, is one of the first girls that wasn't a tomboy that I got along with. She laughed when me and Liam talked and joked. To be honest it was kinda annoying, maybe it was just because I wanted to talk to him alone with out her butting in. 

In 5/6th period we can't sit together but I just have to turn around to talk to him. It was Thursday, thank god tomorrow was Friday =)

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