Wrong turn, too many mistakes

Chris(tine) has lived in Thornton for the past 5 years and has really changed. She's not longer the girl who couldn't stick up for herself when bullied. She turned to the anger-issued street fighting girl who no one dared to mess with. She still had the same friends and a few more, with the new school year of course.But when she meets Eliza everything turns. Eliza is a prep full of drama and the includes having boyfriends. Chris finds herself not being a part of the guys anymore and starting to have crushes. Eliza introduces her, formally at least to Liam Payne, one of the coolest people ever, but this year nothing's changed about him and yet he has girls wanting him left and right! Chris couldn't help but to be the SECOND girl to fall in love! This is based on my personal life. Once it get's to current I'll make stuff up...I'm good at that haha. It's about me having my first crush and how I didn't know what to do. FAVORITE, LIKE, COMMENT! I will update daily or weekly, we'll see!


3. Hey Crys. Accidental flirt.


Me and Eliza texted everyday, you could tell she liked Liam but not as much as he liked her! He was head over heels! It was kinda gross how much he liked her ( crushes are very girly to me!) I bugged both of them everyday about them getting together! And everything changed... "Okay so I guess just mess around with your school email while I get this set up," Our teacher told us. James POV "-set up" Cool this is super boring! One new email... From:Liam To: James Tell Crys I said Hey =) Um... That's strange. I know Chris sits by me and Liam and I are good friends and stuff but that's the point why didn't he say something else or nothing?! This was a pointless email! Maybe he liked her?! No he likes Eliza!  "Hey Chris?!" I whispered. "Yeah?!" She had hers set up already before today and was already chatting with her friends in the class. I showed her my screen. Chris' point of view From: Liam To:James Tell Crys I said Hey =) OMG! This means Liam thought of me! Or at least noticed me! OMG don't act girly you hoe!  "What the hell? That is stupid! Out of all things that what he tell you?  Plus he spelt my name wrong!" Yeah I know I sound like a bitch but I don't want to sound girly all of a sudden!  I got up to "get a tissue".  "Eliza I'm so bored!" I stopped when I passed her desk. "Lol yeah, so am I!" Did she just say lol?  Along the way back to my desk was Liam's desk! "You spelt my name wrong! Ass hole!"  I accidentally think I might have just flirted with him? Shit! Why?!! "Oops I'm sorry!" He looked me in the eye and smiled. "What ever." I shrugged and walked away. I hope that wasn't too girly and fixed the whole flirting thing! 


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