out by the fall

Amelia Cabelitti has all the boys chasing after her in australia. but when she moves to london things become different. shes bullied and out of place. but how will night change her life forever?


5. Chapter 5

Waking was horrible. I was hoping I could stay asleep for the rest of my days. But that was going to happen. I was tired, sore, lost, confused and depressed. I decided to take a shower to get my mind off things. When I got out of bed, I saw someone had left me some clothes, and breakfast. I had shower that burnt my skin, relaxed my muscles and calmed me down a bit. I put on the clothes- jeans and a pink sweater, that fit perfectly, but left the breakfast. It could be poisoned. It looked really good though. Pancakes, a small fruit salad and a croissant- my favourite. My stomach was growling but I ignored it. Instead I explored the bathroom shelves and cupboards for a hairbrush. I eventually found one in the mirror, which was actually just a mirror stuck onto the cupboard. I also found some shampoo and conditioner, soap, more toilet paper and a small wooden box, that contained a few items of jewellery. Not eating was torture. After roughly three days, I decided I would eat it. It had been about a week now and I knew the boys would be back in London, finishing off their tour. Probably doing the last few shows, and more signings. Signings!! That was the answer. If I could get out of here and find them, I could get back to my apartment. I decided to try the door. I felt like I was in some kind of movie when it opened. As I walked out, i saw Daniel and a women standing there, looking at me, with mouths wide open. I decided to run. It wasn't the smartest of ideas, as I had no idea where I was going. I turned to around to see if they were following, which Daniel was, and ran into a door. Not the smoothest move. He lifted me over his shoulder, went up a flight of stairs, round some more bends, up another flight of stairs and out into the cool night. I was only wearing shorts and a singlet, so the early spring air chilled me to the bone. I soon made it to the city centre. I turned to a women who was sitting at a bus stop and asked her what the date was. She peered over her glasses at me and snapped back "13th of April' My birthday. I thanked her and hurried off. I'd been gone 4 days. I was in Bristol according to numerous signs, and also one direction were supposed to be doing signings at the local shop.   I somehow found my way to the shopping centre, by following the screams of girls. I walked up to a security guard and tried not to show how petrified of everyone I was right now. "if you want to meet them privately you're wasting your time" I looked at him stunned trying to figure out what he said. "no,no,no" I replied. "I need to get to the police station and I was wondering if you would be able to help me.?" he raised an eyebrow at me, so I quickly continued. "I have no money or food, or well anything really the station is to far for me to walk and I just need a ride and I'll be fine" "no" he said sharply. I honestly at that moment felt like crying. But I didn't. Another man walked and they discussed the situation.  The man who had just arrived turned to me and asked what my dilemma was. I felt my face go red as I quickly blurted out "I was kidnapped and raped." They turned to each other, then signalled me to follow them. They sat me down behind the stage and gave me some orange juice and a muffin. I don't know how long I sat there for, but after what seemed like forever, people started packing up and people dressed in black remained close to four of the boys. As they came and sat next to me, they all smiled warmly. I replied with a blank expression. Harry, who was sitting next to me asked me what my name was. I glared at him, and his smiled faded. He bit his lip and held out his hand. "I'm Harry" I looked at his hand. And he pulled it back awkwardly. The blonde one, Niall I think it was, came found the corner with McDonalds in his hands. I hadn't touched my food or drink, but nonetheless he held out the bag. "wanna chip?" he questioned in his thick Irish accent. I looked at the bag and shook my head. "well we know she's not not a robot" Zayn muttered under his breath. "This is stupid" I said standing up. "I'm leaving" I announced as I began to walk off. Harry grabbed my arm and pulled me back. Thoughts of the night at the club immediately flashed through my mind. I tried to pull away but his grip was too strong. The body guard I first talked to walked in "miss please take a seat and don't pester the boys" I opened my mouth to say that they were annoying me but Harry quickly spoke up. "we were just talking Peter, but um, why is she here?" he asked shyly while looking at me.  " I just am" I snapped. I looked over at Liam who leaned into to peter and whispered in his ear. Louis who was sitting next to him nodded eagerly. Peter looked at them both and beckoned the other three over. I acted like I didn't care, but I wanted to know what was happening. Harry and Niall looked at each other ands  Shrugged. They all turned to Zayn who firmly shook his head. "she's a bitch" I overheard. Peter said something else then all turned to look at me. I felt uncomfortable with eyes of 6 strangers on me.  "you coming to the hotel with us" Peter said completely monotone. 4 faces lit up and zayns, well zayn tried to look happy, thinking I was fan or something probably. They security Took us to a black car. I didn't pay attention to detail because I hate cars. Ever since my dad, who was a mechanic died, I ignored them. It was to painful.   A/N longer chapter do you guys like it? Please give me some feedback!
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