out by the fall

Amelia Cabelitti has all the boys chasing after her in australia. but when she moves to london things become different. shes bullied and out of place. but how will night change her life forever?


4. Chapter 4

We sat silently side by side as the car sped along the highway. I was trying to keep tack of where we were going, but we'd been driving for a few hours now and we were god knows where. "you going to tell me your name?" he asked, reaching across and putting his hand half way up my thigh, just below where my dress ended. "no" I said, swatting his hand away. And this he laughed and put his hand back on my leg.  This had been going on the whole way, him asking me every half-an-hour. "you're pretty" I turned and looked out the window, swatting his hand away again. "and you're a shithead" I responded. He laughed and shook his head. I sighed "how much longer?" He looked at the clock, which said 6am. "only 20 minutes." he smirked. We pulled up at the house 19 minutes later. It was massive? So maybe house wasn't the right word. He lead me inside and down a flight of stairs, turned right, down more stairs and into a bedroom that was 3rd on the left. I didn't even want to know what may be in the other rooms. More innocent teenage girls who were as scared as I was? People who had been raped or murdered? I shuddered at the thought. I was alone for exactly 2 hours and 37 minutes, so in that time I studied the room. It had two doors. It had a queen sized bed with an ugly red quilt laid on it. One door was the one I came in through, and the other was a bathroom, that had a shower-bath, and a mirror with a small sink. It was all plain and boring. So when another guy came back with Daniel, things got a little more interesting. "this is nathaniel" Daniel explained. My thoughts turned to my father, Nathan, his hair black and curly like mine, and his eyes more ocean blue then mine were, that always twinkled like he was telling a joke. This other nathaniel was different. His hair was a horrible white colour, and his eyes were dark brown, and looked black, the eyes of a murderer. Then The thought struck me. I might actually die here today. Daniel walked out, locking the door.  Nathaniel pulled a chair over and sat on it. "strip for me love" he grinned, showing his one of his front teeth missing. When I stayed motionless in the middle of the room with my arms crossed across my chest, he came over and pushed me against the wall. I still didn't respond. He slowly inched my dress up my thigh, trying to get a reaction, but I wasn't going to let him win. He flicked off my dress, leaving me in my bra and undies. He pull of his shirt and Jeans. His torso was bare. He had abs, and looked strong. He pushed me harder against the wall and nuzzled his face into my neck. He kissed the spot were my jaw meets and neck, and sucked. Whimpers came to lips and escaped. Even though I couldn't see his face, I could tell he was probably grinning. He moved down my neck and bit hard.   I let out a squeal and bit down on my lip.  He shoved me onto the bed and laid  down on top of me. Oh my god. I was being raped. He stripped off the rest of our remaining clothes and inserted into me. He thrusted harder and harder, causing long moans to come out of my mouth. Tears were steaming down my face as I begged him to stop. "let me hear you scream" he whispered into my ear, making my sob more hysterical. He rolled over so I was on top of him. He grabbed by bum and made me move back and forth. When he was happy with my pace, he pulled my chest down to his mouth, sucking on my breasts. I was loving my virginity to this horrible man. He was making love bites all over my neck, and bruises all up my thighs and on my hips. When he left, I feel asleep under the itchy quilt, naked.   A/N I hope this is more interesting. 
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