out by the fall

Amelia Cabelitti has all the boys chasing after her in australia. but when she moves to london things become different. shes bullied and out of place. but how will night change her life forever?


3. Chapter 3

One direction. Two years after I quite school and they were now the biggest boy band in the world.  I had to admit, they were super hot, but I didn't have any desire to be with other than the fact that they were famous and cute.
I liked going clubbing. It was an escape. The pounding music, bodies grinding together, no-one knowing anyone else's story. It was were I felt some form of happiness.
I was at the local club, where I went every weekend, and I was looking for a guy to hook up with. Wearing a tight, fluro yellow mini dress, I knew it showed off my figure, and attracted guys.
This one guy, who was rather cute, with blonde hair and deep brown eyes, had been watching me.
So I went over and made the first move.
"hey handsome" I called over the loud music. "what's your name?" 
"Daniel, yours?" to this I just smiled.
He grinned back "you here alone?"
"you bet"
He grinned and grabbed my hand. I stumbled drunkly behind him, tripping overin my stiletto's. Realising I couldn't work properly, he picked my up and tossed me over his shoulder. Warning bells were going off in my head, and when we got to his car, got in and he locked all the doors, I realised he might be more trouble than I thought.



A/N sorry it's so short! The next couple will be a bit longer!


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