out by the fall

Amelia Cabelitti has all the boys chasing after her in australia. but when she moves to london things become different. shes bullied and out of place. but how will night change her life forever?


2. Chapter 2

Hi, my name is Amelia Cabelitti. I'm currently 18. I was born and raised in Australia, but move to London when i was 13. I lived with my step-dad and step-brother, as both my mum and dad are dead. I have a passion for music, and singing. This is my story.   So where should I start? I guess from the beginning. when I was 5 years old. When my father died. I don't remember it clearly, but the pain of losing the one I loved most is still very clear. I was at singing lessons, and was waiting for him to pick me up. I waited an hour, but he still wasn't there, so I walked home. It took me 2 hours, and when I got home, there were several police cars out the front. When I walked in, I saw my mother crying, and my step-dad comforting her. I was confused. I didn't know what the men meant when they said the brake lines had been cut, but all I knew was that my father was dead. 3 weeks later, my mum had got together with my stepdad. After a year they were married. But my step-dad, Nathan, wasn't happy. So he decided he would kill my mum, but not the same way he killed my father. So he hung her, and made it looked like suicide. So in the space of 3 years, I had lost both parents, and now had a step-dad and step-brother, Jonathan, who both hated and abused me. We stayed in Australia for 5 more years, and then we moved to Ireland. I rme,ever my first day of school. There was a blonde boy who helped show me around. His name was Matthew. He was my next door neighbour, and the only one who talked to me. I quite school at 16 because I was fee ling to sucidal. I got my own flat on the other side of the city and just lived there, working in a small, unpopular cafe that paid just enough for me to pay rent and keep alive.     A/N sorry the next chapter after this will be boring also, just bear with me!
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