Forbidden Love

M not the kind of girl who goes to parties and stuff. But when my friends finally convince me to go to one I meet someone very special there. But it's my friends X's best friend. We arnt suppose to be dating. But we are too in love to care.


2. The party

Today is finally Friday. I walked to my first period. I didn't talk to Trina that much. Because I knew she was going to talk about how I should go to the party. And truthfully I didn't really feel like hearing it again. "Hi" Hannah said as she walked up to me and walked with me. After school I ran home. I sat on my bed. I layed down and kicked off my shoes. Then I got a text from Trina. It said open the door. I got confused. I just got up an opened the front door. Trina was standing there with Hannah. They had bags. "Hey!" Trina said in excitement. "Um what are you guys doing here?" I asked. "To hang out with you" Hannah said. "But don't you guys want to go to the party tonight" I said confused as I walked to my room as they followed me. "Ya and like I said your coming too" Tina said. "I can't!" I said as I sat on my bed. "And why is that?" Hannah said as he put down the bags on my bed. "I-I have nothing to wear" I said trying to think of a reason. "And we went shopping!" Trina said. She grabbed a bad and looked through it. "Dress or clothes?" Hannah said. "neither!" I said. "Haha ummm" Trina said. "I'm not going" I said. "Yes you are!" Trina said. "Dress or no dress!" she said again but this time holding a pair of jean shorts in one hand and a dress in the other. "No dress" I mumbled. "Okay!" she said smiling as he threw the dress in the bag. She searched through the bag. Hannah was pluginh in a straightener and a curling iron. Then she took out a giant makeup bag. "What time is the party?" Hannah asked Trina. "At eight thirty" she said. I checked the time on my clock. It said five twenty. "I going to go take a shower" I said. I took a shower but didn't wet my hair. Trina handed me some light pair of jean shorts. They had white things sat the bottom. So it looked cut. She handed me and pink laced shirt. Age also handed me a white tantop. The front of the shirt had two peices hangin down. I tied them. "No" Trina said as I walked through the door. "Here" she said as she handed me a dress. "Uhhh" I moaned as I walked back in the restroom to change. The dress was black. It was short but a bit poofy at the bottom. In the middle it had a pink lace thick ribbon that tied around it. It was strapless. I came. "That's so cute on you" Hannah said as she was straightening her hair. "Yup" Trina said. Trina had out on the clothes I was going to wear. She did look better in it than me. "Hair time!" Trina said. I satin a chair as she curled my hair. Well she didn't use the clamp. And she only put it for a while not very long. It was this wavy pretty thing. Then she did my make up. I felt like her Barbie doll. But I didn't say a word. I just went along with it. Then she made me wear some black platforms. Then I put on my perfume. After we were all done we painted our nails. Then it was eight. "Let's go" Teina said. "But I thought it started at eight thirty?" I asked confused now. "Ya thats usually when the fun starts and when the house is full. And everyone's having a good time" she said. We got in Trina's car. We all got there. The place was crowded. There were some people I have never seen before in my life. It was loud! This is why I don't like parties! Loud, strangers, people wanting to do stuff. We walked through the crowd. "Ooo it's Steve!" Hannah said as he walked up to a guy. "There he is I knew he was goin to be here!" Trina said as she walked up to another guy. "Umm" I said awkwardly. I had no one to talk to now! I sat down. Then someone came up to and sat by me. "Hi" they said. "Hi" I said as I turned. It was a guy. He had blonde hair and blue eyes. He was smiling. "I'm Niall" he said. "Angie" I said smiling. "Having fun?" he asked tryin to talk over the music. "Not really I don't really like parties" I said. "Then why did you come?" he asked. "My friends made me come" I said talking loud too. "Ya I'm not exacly the party person either. My friend made me come. He was hoping he would see his X here" she said. "Oh" I said softer. "I'm in a band" he said like he had nothing else to say. "Cool what's it called?" I asked. "One direction" he said. "Oh I've heard of that band! Very big!" I said smiling. He smiled then we both stood up. Then some girl pushed me. Well on accident. I fell and hit my nose on Naills nose. "Ow I'm so sorry" I said. I held my nose. "Let me see" Niall said as he looked at my nose. His beautiful eyes looked in to mine. Then he kissed me passiontley. Maybe some part of me was happy I came to this party!:)
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