Forbidden Love

M not the kind of girl who goes to parties and stuff. But when my friends finally convince me to go to one I meet someone very special there. But it's my friends X's best friend. We arnt suppose to be dating. But we are too in love to care.


4. Secret

I couldn't tell Trina that I was dating Niall! It had to be our little secret. I don't think he wants Liam to know either. Be we want to see eachother! And no one can stand in our way! I walked to the door. He smiled as I opened it. I hugged him. I gave him a kiss. "I missed you" I said. "I missed you more" he said. He kissed me passiontley. I smiled and put our foreheads together. I looked into his deep blue beautiful eyes. I sat down on my bed. "We are going to have to tell them you know?" Niall said as he sat next to me. "I know but how?" I asked. "I don't know but we are goin to have to tell them soon" he said. "How soon?" I asked in dought if we should even tell them. "I have no idea" he said thinking. I kissed him passiontley. He stopped the kiss. "Hungry?" he asked with a crooked smile. "Starving" I said as I kissed him. He just laughed. "Let's go" he said as he stood up. "Where?" I asked. I knew we couldn't go to a resteraunt or out. Because the paparazzi would see us then take pictures and put them everywhere. Then Trina and Liam would know.  So I ha no idea what Niall was talking about. "To the kitchen" he said. I walked with him as we held hands. He walked in the kitchen and went looking through the fridge. He kept looking and looking. I wasn't sure he had found anything. He smiled. I was guessing he had found something. "Do you want a sandwhich love?" he asked. "Okay" I said not really hungry. The whole starving thing went away. He started making the sandwiches. "Do we have to ever tell them?" I asked. "Why? Do you not want to?" he asked. "I don't know?" I said. "We don't have to tell them right away! But we do before the press tells them" he said as he handed me a plate with a sandwhich on it. "Thanks" I said as I put it on the table. "I like this though! I like being alone with you" I said as I sat down. He sat next to me. "It will stay the same! Just without the sneaking around" he said. I really liked the sneaking around though. I know it sounds stupid but I liked that our loved wasn't allowed! It mad me want to love him more! I made me love him more! "Ya I guess" said. I didn't really agree but I didnt care that I did. I took a bite. He took a giant bite. "Look we will tell them when you want" he said. "Thanks Niall" isaid as I smiled. I kissed him passiontley. 

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