Forbidden Love

M not the kind of girl who goes to parties and stuff. But when my friends finally convince me to go to one I meet someone very special there. But it's my friends X's best friend. We arnt suppose to be dating. But we are too in love to care.


1. Go to the party!!!

I sat down. "You have to come!" Trina complained to me. "I told you I can't!" I said. "Why?" she asked. "Because I have to study" I said lying. I hated to study! I just isn't want to go to the stupid party that Trina and Hannah wanted me to go to do bad. And every single time I said no! But they keep insisting. "You don't study!" Hannah said. "Well I want to start" I said. "Whatever your coming!" Trina said. She says that every time! And I never end up going. Trina is the kind of girl that's girly. Really girly! And Hannah is really smart! And I'm Boring me. I was smart just not a brainiac like Hannah. And the only lipgloss/Chapstick I wear is baby lips. So I guess I was like in the middle. "Come on! Everyone is going!" Trina said. "Except for me" I said. "Yes you are!" Hannah said. Trina loves to go to parties. So does Hannah. But just not as much as Trina. "I'm coming to your house tommorow night! And I will drag you out to that party if I have to!" she threatened. She giggled. She says that every time! Nothing new! And again I never go! Today was Thursday. I saw Trina staring at someone. "Who you staring at T?" I asked her. "Uh no one" she said as she turned fast. "Okay?" I said. "So since next year we go to college! I think we would all be able to go to the same college" Hannah said. "Hann! Are you kidding! Have you compared our GPA's?" I asked laughing a little. "Maybe I will get into any college you can get into" she said. "No you can go to an awsome college! And don't let us bring you down!" I said. "I got to go bye" Trina said as she stood up and walked away. "What was that all about?" Hannah asked me. "I have no idea I said as I shook my head. "So are you really going to go to the party?" she asked as we both stood up. "Nope" I said.
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