Forbidden Love

M not the kind of girl who goes to parties and stuff. But when my friends finally convince me to go to one I meet someone very special there. But it's my friends X's best friend. We arnt suppose to be dating. But we are too in love to care.


3. Forbidden love

I pulled away slowly. I smiled and bit my bottom lip. "Again" he said whispering. I leaned in again. Then someone pulled me away. "Angie!" she said. I turned. It was Trina. She grabbed my arm and pulled me outside. "What are you doing!?" she asked. "Kissing...Niall!" I said. "He is my X's friend!" she said. "Well its not like he's your X" I said defending Niall. "So" she said. "Anybody but him!" she said. I moaned. "Fine" I said. She walked off upset. I walked back in. Hannah was kissing some guy. I saw Niall. I walked up to him. "Who was your friend's X"? I asked him. "Trina why?" he asked. "Because she is the one that pulled me away! She doesn't want us kissing" I said. "Here" he said as he handed me his phone. I grabbed it. "Why are you giving me this?" I asked. "Put your number in it" he said smiling. I did exacly that. I handed it back to him. "So what friend of your is Trina's X?" I asked. "Oh that's Liam" he said as he pointed to him. "Oh do you know why they broke up?" I asked. "'s because she couldn't take that he had to go on your and not see her" he said. "Will that happen to us?" I asked sadly. "No" he said. He gave me a peck on the lips. Niall looked down at his phone. "It's a text from Liam" he said. "What does it say?" I asked. "It says..don't kiss that girl I saw her talking to Trina that's bad news" he said. "Great!" I said. "It will be okay!" he said smiling. "What did you text back?" I asked as he put the phone back in his pocket. "I didn't respond" he said. "hey Trina wants to leave" Hanna said as she walked up to me. "Okay" I said. "Bye" he said. "Bye" I said as I waved as Hanna pulled me away. We walked up to the car. Trina was crying. "Are you okay? What's going on?" I asked. "My X boyfriend Liam" she said. "What about him?" i asked as we got in the car. "he's dating some girl" she said upset. "I'm so sorry" I said thinking it wasn't really a reason to cry. But she was my friend! So I was suppose to be 'comforting' her. We drove home. She dropped me off. I walked into my house. I sat on my bed. My phone vibrated. I checked it. It was from a random number. It said 'Hey it's niall'. I responded back 'Hi'. I changed my clothes into some sweats and a tantop. 'Juat texted to say goodnight:)' he said. 'Goodnight:)' I said back as I put tooth paste on my tooth brush. I put it in my mouth and brushed my teeth. 'p.s. right now we are living the forbidden love:)' he said. I giggle at the text. I washed my face them got under the covers. 'yes we are:) sweet dreams:)' I said. 'Sweet dreams:)' he said. Then I fell asleep. But I fell asleep thinking about how he said forbidden love:).
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