Forbidden Love

M not the kind of girl who goes to parties and stuff. But when my friends finally convince me to go to one I meet someone very special there. But it's my friends X's best friend. We arnt suppose to be dating. But we are too in love to care.


9. Are you Ganna break up with him?

"Look you don't have to do this..." Liam said. 

"I have to before I hurt him" I said still walking.

he stepped in front of me. I stopped.

"But doing going to hurt him..." He said.

"A lot less" I said my eyes watered.

"No wouldn't he want to spend your last days with you?" He said.

a tear fell. "Yeah but.." I said trying to think.

but there was just to much in my hard to think right now. I couldn't think straight. I didn't feel good. "I just don't want to hurt him!" I said.

"Everyone gets hurt" Liam said then he hugged me.

i looked over at his shoulder as I hugged him. I backed away fast. "Liam you have.." I started to say.

but he quickly gave me a towel and put it below my nose.

"Darling your bleeding" he said.

i held my nose. I walked into the restroom to clean it.

i came out. "Where's Niall?" I asked.

"Why love?" He said "Are you Ganna tell him?"

"I can't no. I just wanna be with him" I said.

i walked past him. I got in my car. I sat there and cried. My eyes became blurry. I cried and cried in a parked car. I finally drove back to the hospital.

i went over to Nialls room.

"Hey beautiful" he said "Your just in time I'm getting outta here" he smiled.

i helped him out. We drove back to the house.

"Nialler" I said biting my bottom lip.

"Yes love?" He smiled.

i couldn't tell him! And take away that perfect smile of his. I just couldn't hurt him like that.

"I love you" I smiled.

"I love you too" he said as he kissed my forehead.

he sat down on the couch. I have to tell him I just don't know when yet.

the phone rang. 

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