Everybody has a dark side

Why had I been speared?,Why had I made it out alive? You can't cheat death twice, can you? I would have find out. for Zach's sake.
If only I knew not to mess with a cold-hearted killer earlier...


2. 2. Hard to Forget

I just don't know what else to do, it's hard to forget that night. No matter how much I try, or anyone else tries I just can't bring myself to let go. My head is hung low trying to avoid the glaze that are piercing my sole with each cold strike, my forehead shakes and my palms begin to sweat; tightly clamping my eyes shut and cringing so that the tears wouldn’t free. To late, my tears burned like acid rain down my soft plump cheeks, I had cried and screamed for what felt like eternity now with every howl I attempted to make, felt like a rough piece of sand paper slicing at my throat and throwing knifes at my heart like darts to a cork-board. A game.

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